Friday, 3 March 2017

Canberra cover-up update

In my last post I commented on an unfolding scandal in Canberra.

Canberra mismanagement

The short version of the story is that a priest was removed from his parish in 2013 following inappropriate conduct towards children.  The latest report says that although two particular cases were substantiated, he was the subject of 'sustained complaints' during his tenure in the parish.

But when he was finally removed, instead of telling his parish the truth, they were simply told that he was ill.

And he was then housed next to two primary schools (one of them for particularly vulnerable special needs children).

The latest update...

On the positive side, the claimed lack of alternative accommodation has apparently been miraculously resolved and he has been moved.

But also, it seems, so have two other priests also removed from ministry!

And claims that the Catholic primary school at least was consulted are being hotly disputed by the former principal of the school in question.

You can read more of the gory details here.

All in all, an unfolding disgrace that begs the question of what else has been going on under cover of clerical and episcopal privilege in this archdiocese.

Meanwhile in Rome...

Meanwhile in Rome, one of the member's of Pope Francis' special commission on child abuse has resigned in protest at the opposition encountered within the Vatican to its work.  One of the key recommendations of the Commission that has been stymied was a proposal for a tribunal to hear allegations against negligent bishops...

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