Sunday, 15 January 2017

Patronal feast of Our Lady of Cana Monastery

For those interested in the progress of the new Australian monastic foundation in Tasmania, a note that today (the second Sunday after the Epiphany) is its patronal feast.

Father Prior's post on the website discusses the feast, and the importance of Our Lady's intercession at the marriage feast, then concludes:
...Many years ago, faced with the continual requests for an Australian foundation, I turned to Our Lady, and I said to her, "Tell Jesus, 'They have no monks'!". Well, She heard that prayer and Jesus has allowed Himself to be moved. Australia is about to have its monks, and they, like the tasteless water of Cana, are perfectly incapable of satisfying anyone's desire for nourishing spiritual wine. But if the Divine Word steps into our lives, and hears the further prayers of His Mother, then we can hope that the monks to be will truly become men of His Sacred Heart, and that they will offer, with incessant praise and labour, the life and example and words of salvation for many souls who will come their way in the hope of finding God. 
Thank you for praying for Notre Dame Priory, the monastery of Our Lady of Cana, whose patronal feast is this Sunday, 15th January. Pray that it may be firmly established and grow and prosper, and that all of its members may ever walk in the ways of salvation and perfection.
Please keep the foundation especially in your prayers in this lead up to its formal inauguration on February 22. 

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