Tuesday, 18 October 2016

A traditional monastery for Australia at last: pray for the Priory of Our Lady of Cana

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This is (still) not a return to blogging, but reflecting on the exciting news of the plan to establish a traditional monastery in Tasmania, thought I'd put something about it here since this blog still seems to attract quite a few visitors.

The Catholic Weekly reports the story as follows:

A community of French Benedictine monks will establish a community of “traditional monastic observance” in the archdiocese of Hobart, in Tasmania.
The monks are from the Abbey of St Joseph de Clairval in Flavigny, France.
Fr Pius Mary Noonan OSB, who will leave the abbey of Flavigny to lead the establishment of the new foundation, announced the news in a letter distributed to friends of the community on 7 October.
According to Fr Pius Mary's letter, the aim is to establish a Benedictine monastery using the traditional liturgy:
By the grace of God and the maternal intercession of Our Lady of Cana, to whom the priory will be dedicated, it is our great hope that a Benedictine monastery, celebrating the traditional Roman monastic liturgy and providing retreats in the tradition of the Flavigny monks, will soon be a living reality on Australian soil. At the same time, the retreats in Great Britain and Ireland will continue, and we hope to be able to provide the same soon in the US.
How you can help

Fr Pius Mary suggests that we can help:
First of all through your prayers. Some of the greatest victories in the history of the Church came about through the recitation of the Holy Rosary. May I ask that you offer the Rosary for the success of the foundation?
Secondly, if you are able, you may want to help the foundation become a reality by contributing financially. We are starting literally from zero, and need to cover basic expenses of establishment, including construction, purchase of land, and operational expenses. We are relying entirely on Our Lord moving in the hearts of prospective benefactors to give generously, especially at this important beginning. 
Details for donations can be found below:


NOTRE DAME PRIORY Commonwealth Bank account # : 1024 4562 BSB:062-654.

Cheques may be made payable to “Notre Dame Priory” and sent to: Notre Dame Priory ℅ P.O. Box 450, PICTON NSW 2571 Australia


NOTRE DAME PRIORY, INC. (501 c 3 non-profit, tax deductible) Chase Bank account # : 889087032

Cheques may be made payable to “Notre Dame Priory” and sent to: Notre Dame Priory ℅ 1202 Park Hills Court Louisville, KY 40207 USA

Monks from the Abbey of St Joseph de Clairval, above, pose outside the main entrance of their monastic quarters.

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