Thursday, 14 November 2013

When will they have a bishop?

The Pope has accepted the resignation of perhaps Australia's most liberal bishop (though the competition for that title is tough) Bishop Walker of Broken Bay, yesterday on the dot of his 75th birthday.

That will be regarded as good news by many.

But it does add to the queue of vacancies and potential vacancies which the Pope does not seem to be rapidly moving to fill.

Consider the list.

The current actual vacancies are:
  • Wilcannia-Forbes, subject of a sorry saga that has left it vacant and demoralised since June 2009;
  • Sale, made vacant by the promotion of Bishop Prowse to Canberra-Goulburn (he will be installed next week);
  • Rockhampton, where Bishop Heenan's resignation was accepted on 1 October.
And there are two more bishops over the age limit (Bishop Jarrett of Lismore and Brisbane Auxiliary +Finnigan).

Let's hope for some action soon, and pray for good bishops!

1 comment:

Rob Roseworne said...

Bishop Walker, what did you know about the use of electro convulsive therapy and chemical castration at the Encompass Centre at kincumber? Why was the Silesian brother Evans and also Finnegan Egan offered sanctuary in your diocese? Why did you nominate br Anthony Whelan for an Oam for Professional Standards Development when Whelan has been brought to the attention of nsw dpp twice for failure to tell police of abuse which he admits to knowing?

Bishop Walker, be ready when the Royal Commission comes a knocking.