Sunday, 10 November 2013

News updates

Apologies for the break in blogging, I've been suffering from some semi-self-inflicted wounds (well, a case of contributory negligence at any rate) that have resulted in pain and an inability to concentrate!

Accordingly, a few news to catch up.

**Kevin Lee dies in Philippines

Just in - apparently former Parramatta priest Kevin Lee has died in the Philippines in Typhoon Haiyan.  Mr Lee, you will recall, married in a civil ceremony secretly, then when caught out, wrote a fairly scurrilous book that appeared on the face of it to break the seal of the confessional and defamed many of his peers.  We can of course hope that he repented at the end.

TLM in Tas

On a more positive note, Joshua of Psallite Sapienter reports that Hobart's new Archbishop has given the green light to the development of the traditionalist community there, a nice change after years of repression!  Please do keep them in your prayers.

Maybe that will counterbalance the ever-shrinking Canberra congregation, now reduced to one Sunday Mass nominally because of Church availability problems.

Traditional retreats

You may still be able to get a place (if you are lucky and quick!) on one of the Ignatian retreats offered by the monks of Flavigny - December 1 in Sydney, and Bowral on December 18-19 for women; 5-10& 12-17 December (men), 18-19 Dec.  Contact here to book.

The strange affair of the Vatican's 'survey'?!

You may have seen reports that the Vatican has put out a survey of the world's Catholics on various family related matters, seeking views in the leadup to the Synod on the subject.

You may even have been asked to respond directly to it (Melbourne Archdiocese for example has put it online, as have the UK's bishops).

Strangely though, the world's worst designed survey ever apparently wasn't actually intended to be a survey as such - just the normal data collection exercise the Vatican often does in advance of Synods.

You have to ask when, if ever, the Vatican is going to get its act together on appropriate messaging to bishops and media management...


PM said...

Typically, the ABC devoted almost as much of its typhoon coverage to posthumous PR for Mr Lee as it did to the fate of 10000+ Filipinos....

Kate Edwards said...

Hmm, perhaps the focus might make some ponder the very real consequences of sin. Could even be an example of bringing good out of evil?

pab said...

Dear Kate

Welcome back - I feared something calamitous had befallen you.


Louise said...

Dear Kate, I am sorry to hear of your injuries. Praying your recovery continues quickly.