Sunday, 13 October 2013

Victoria: frontline of the cult of death

A March for Babies attracted around 5,000 people in Melbourne yesterday.

But according to reports in the Herald Sun, participants were subject to violent attacks from a pro-abortion counter demonstration, with MP Bernie Finn claiming that he and others were punched, a US pro-life activist was thrown to the ground and kicked, and those present had things thrown at them.

Attempts on the part of the pro-lifers to calm things down and take an alternative route were unsuccessful and the police failed to make any arrests.

Curiously, the ABC's website contains nothing on the story at all; while The Age has a bizarre story mixing up coverage of several different demonstrations and carrying police denials that they had failed to act.

Not surprising, I guess, in a State where a doctor who refused to refer someone for a sex selective abortion is facing sanctions even up to the possibility of losing his license to practice.

**Life site news has more details.

***And here for an account by Bill Muehlenberg.


PM said...

I'm surprised that you say it's curious that the ABC glosses over this in silence. What else would one expect - it is the propaganda organ of the attackers. Apparently the VicPol have now become their enforcers.

Pius said...

Did anyone see Archbishop Hart on the March for the Babies? Just wondering ...

Greg K said...

Not a single bishop in sight on the day. Compared to previous years the Catholic church was better represented on this occasion even though there were only two visible priests, a group of seminarians from some order and a couple of nuns. One of the priests was from the Wagga diocese and the other was Fr Brendan Arthur from St Gerard's North Dandenong.

Gervase Crouchback said...

I suggested to one of the MPs' that perhaps private security should be hired -seeing as the Police,lead by what I believe to be an Acting Sgt female police officer, failed in their duty.