Friday, 11 October 2013


Apologies for the lack of activity of late, and a thank you to the person who sent some kind comments this week asking for me to resume!

I've been unwell and suffering from chronic pain, which severely inhibits my ability to write anything worth posting.  I do seem to be on the mend (maybe) however, so I will attempt to turn the assorted drafts and ideas I've been playing with recently into coherent form soon (possibly even later today).

In the meantime though, can I commend to you, in these difficult times, a commitment to reading Scripture in the mind of the Church?

When we are beset by error all around us, and challenged by ideas that we find difficult to judge, Scripture, understood in the light of Tradition, provides an important guidepost.  And opening ourselves to the word of God in prayer each day is surely one of the soundest supports for our spiritual life and continuing formation.

In this light, I've written some notes on 'lectio divina' or prayerful study and reading of Scripture in the Benedictine tradition, over at my other blog, Saints Will Arise.

And I'm also posting over there each day (save for Sundays and major feasts) a portion of the Gospel of St John, together with some notes (mostly commentaries by the Fathers) to help you meditate on it.  I'm working on the basis of getting through the entire Gospel over the quarter, but you can obviously take it at your own pace.

Lectio Divina can, in theory, absorb many hours of a monk's time.

But even us laypeople, can, I think, gain a lot from even fifteen minutes work at it, so please do consider giving it a go. 


Martin S. said...

Said an earnest prayer for your health Kate. I think you're a better teacher than almost all of Australia's bishops. Like Joan of Arc you show more backbone than those who put their hand up for the sacred duty to teach the faith. Please be well.

Michael Demers said...

Keep up the good work on all your blogs!

Kate Edwards said...

Thanks for your kind thoughts.