Monday, 2 September 2013

Pope Francis: Day of fasting and prayer for Syria

Pope Francis has called on Catholics to fast and pray for peace in the Middle East this coming Saturday, September 7.

According to Vatican Radio he said:

“On [Saturday] the 7th of September, here [in St Peter’s Square], from 7 PM until midnight, we will gather together in prayer, in a spirit of penitence, to ask from God this great gift [of peace] for the beloved Syrian nation and for all the situations of conflict and violence in the world.” 

The Holy Father also invited non-Catholic Christians and non-Christian believers to participate in ways they feel are appropriate. “Never again war!” said Pope Francis. “We want a peaceful world,” he said, “we want to be men and women of peace.”

Pope Francis also issued a forceful condemnation of the use of chemical weapons. “There is the judgment of God, and also the judgment of history, upon our actions – [judgments] from which there is no escaping.” He called on all parties to conflicts to pursue negotiations, and urged the international community to take concrete steps to end conflicts, especially the war in Syria. “Humanity needs to see gestures of peace,” said Pope Francis, “and to hear words of hope and of peace.”


bill bannon said...

Will Catholic leaders later admit responsibility if more chemical weapons are used if the US does not attack? Or will they simply move to other topics.

John Stefanyszyn said...

Fasting and prayer to which 'god'?
...since Jorge Bergoglio and the Roman church of universal values believes in the freedom of all religions....since he believes that it is RIGHT (a right) to be free to worship any 'god'.
BUT Christ, Son of the Only God, said that one is to worship the One Lord Creator and Him Alone to serve.
Soon, Christ will rule as the One King according to the Will of One God and NOT according to man's "freedom will", the freedom which President Obama has confessed to be the 'Light' and the will of his god and the god of all "religions", the "god of fortresses".

John Stefanyszyn

Pius said...

Bill Bannon, we do not actually know that chemical weapons have been used in Syria at all, let alone that Assad has used them. We have a lot of hysterical tabloid shrieking on the topic - almost invariably from physical cowards who have never experienced even a water-pistol being fired in anger - but serious analysis is in shorter supply, though readily obtainable if one looks at the less parochial and ignorant commentaries in the foreign press.

Babs said...

This is the policy that would be used to justify U.S. strikes in Syria. It the "Responsibility to Protect,” doctrine or R2P doctrine. "The co-founder of the R2P doctrine is Ramesh Thakur, an activist who recently advocated for a “global rebalancing” and “international redistribution” to create a “New World Order.”In a piece in the March 2010 issue of the Ottawa Citizen newspaper, Thakur wrote: “Toward a new world order, Westerners must change lifestyles and support international redistribution.” If you really want to understand why Obama is really wanting to go to war in Syria then educate yourself by reading this article.

R J said...

Of this Syria analysis by American traditional Catholic Patrick J. Buchanan, I shall say only that I wish I could have written it myself:

C said...

Hi Kate, an update for Brisbane:

"ARCHBISHOP Mark Coleridge has designated the week of September 8-15 as "a time of special prayer for Syria, with a day of fasting on Friday, September 13" for the Archdiocese of Brisbane."

God bless,