Thursday, 26 September 2013

40 Days for Life has started...

This is just a reminder (especially for those in the Adelaide Archdiocese!) that 40 Days has started (you might recall that Mr Voris picked up my post on this subject on The Vortex and very kindly gave the blog a plug on this subject).

In Australia, there are vigils being held in Adelaide, Melbourne and on the Sunshine Coast.

If you haven't already, you can sign up to volunteer via the links.

The website also provides daily devotionals, so you can join in spiritually even if there isn't a vigil in your area.

And as well as abortion, you might also want to consider offering some fasting and prayers for Tasmania, where, as well as radical abortion laws, a bill to authorise euthanasia was introduced today, and the ACT, where same sex 'marriage' legislation is being pushed...


Martin S. said...

Should mention this insanity

"Festival organisers have deemed the float too offensive to appear in the 57th annual procession through the Central Otago town on Saturday.

The float contains two hands holding the giant 12-week-old foetus and signs including "Adoption rescues me".

['anti-abortion' c.f 'pro-human child', 'foetus' c.f. 'baby'. Not from the dark schools of Australian journalism.]

Pius said...

Meanwhile we have the "theocratic" Abbott in action, or rather, inaction:

That particular Catholic would "prefer to maintain the status quo".