Sunday, 21 July 2013

Why I'm not promoting on WYD...

Mantilla twitch to Hilary White.

Note: a commenter over at Orwell's Picnic suggests it should come with a warning along the lines of "this is intended only for people with strong stomachs and/or the deaf. Viewer discretion is advised."


Martin S. said...

Terrible agreed. Our young people have been ruined by the technocratic liberal state and the music that psychologically integrates us into it. Machine music (cogs in).

It will take along time for their organism and its habit of thought to adjust, lets hope this is a good start.

Shame they didn't get good leadership. But England is a basket case. Their $liberal$ rulers wanted to destroy Christianity and conservatism through mass immigration/multiculturalism so as to be unreachable in reality to democratic politics. It widely accepted the best they can hope for is a civil war now.

A Canberra Observer said...

It is about what one would expect really. In sync with large tracts of past WYDs. Inane, pop culture with (protestant) Christian trimmings.
Sad but true.

Therese R said...

I am not really sure what is wrong with it Kate. It would be a problem singing something like this in the Mass.

I am a bit bias towards WYD's. I did witness my son's reversion to the faith after attending Madrid.

Kate Edwards said...

All a matter of taste I guess!

I'm not denying that some good results can't come out of it though.