Thursday, 11 July 2013

Signs of the times - when the supermarket celebrates Ramadan...

I'm always kind of entertained by the way my local supermarket reflects religious traditions in its sales pitch.

Some of it, alas, simply reflects the secular appropriation of our traditions, like those Hot Cross Buns on the shelves barely  a week after Christmas.

But some of it, like the specials on canned fish and suddenly expanded range of vegetarian options that appear during Lent - presumably reflecting the number of Orthodox and Eastern Rite Catholics in Australia since I doubt the Roman variety are doing much by way of fasting and abstinence - always gives me hope.

Maybe I just hadn't noticed before, but there was a new sign of the times in my local Woollies this week, in the form of half-price fresh dates.  Ramadan starts this week, and the traditional way of breaking the fast is with a date...

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