Friday, 12 July 2013

Rorate Caeli: Sink, don't swim!

Rorate Caeli has an important piece of advice for all committed traditionalists up today, on the subject of modest dress, but for some strange reason has banned comments on it altogether.

Accordingly, please do feel free to comment here.

On the evils of cross-dressing 

The post restates the importance of dress proper to one's sex:

"An even further consideration for men and women is to dress properly according to their nature, or respectively, according to their masculinity or femininity...For the ladies, to dress like a man (such as wearing pants) is improper and contradicts a woman’s God-given femininity."

NewChurch Rome has alas long been lost to modernism on this subject.  Indeed, Pope Nicholas anticipated the heresies of Vatican II by a thousand years or so in 866 when he declared that Bulgarian women didn't have to stop wearing trousers in order to become Catholics.  We, however, know better, because context is irrelevant.

No swimming!

Australian Catholics though, will be particularly grateful for the advice that really, Catholics shouldn't go swimming:

"A last word regarding the issue of swimming. Unfortunately there is little available in the stores today that is even half-way decent, or modest, [true although in fact there are other options, see below.] though some have attempted to alleviate this deficiency by wearing t-shirts over their swimwear. But even more importantly perhaps are the oft-ignored ecclesiastical admonitions against the dangers of swimming in public places. What is the source - and date - of these admonitions?] Thus we are compelled to exhort families to make the effort to find a secluded place to swim amongst themselves – or not at all. Better to forgo the recreational (and optional) pleasure of swimming then to endanger the souls of one’s family (or of others)!"

Options: Nigella Lawson at Bondi Beach in a burkini

Even the most modernist Catholic, however, will I think go so far as to agreeing that our leading Catholic politicians should indeed spare us from piccies like these:

Source: Courier Mail

And no, Mr Abbott, this isn't any better since, Rorate advises that:

"For men, this means they should not wear tight-fitting clothes or in general, go shirtless in public (and especially for fathers, even around the home in front of their children)."

Source: Courier-Mail

Rorate forget however to mention the dangers to our sensibilities (and presumably souls) of cycling:

Source: News Limited


Gervase Crouchback said...

But what would the good Rorate say of former Catholic politicians ,who love the media scrum ,who are egomaniacs and who call everyone they meet "an Aussie hero",but who wear suits and are for Gay marriage
On a more serious note when I was a proddy I decided to walk out of church because the two women who were singing in the service- though covered up decided to sin an African "hymn" and dance at the same time- this left nothing to the imagination.
I see this is part of the course at Pentecostal churches,and Fr Z has a article on liturgical dancing.

odunbarr said...

Unfortunately, the article from those highly-strung individuals on Rorate is nothing more than puritanism, and has little to with Catholicism.

Context actually has everything to do with it - if I wore a tunic in Ancient Rome (as a man) that would be perfectly acceptable, if I wore one today........

Maureen said...

When one is of a larger build, it is actually far more elegant to be attired in well-cut pants, with a flowing and glamorous top than it is to encase one's person in a skirt and blouse.
At least, that seems to me to be the case since Fletcher Jones abandoned us.
Agree about the swimming - I don't, as we no longer live in a house with a pool of our own. Sharks in the sea terrify me, so I am quite content to paddle!

Kate Edwards said...

Glad your satire detection radar is switched on Oliver..

Kate Edwards said...

It depends on your shape I suspect Maureen, I'm always convinced skirts are more flattering for me personally! But when working in the garden or in freezing Canberra trousers are hard to go past in winter. Indeed, I've even seen traditionalist nuns wearing trousers for farm work admittedly behind cloister walls!

As for swimming, I'm afraid I was indoctrinated early into beachwear swimming competitively in my youth. We don't have to wear minimalist bikinis, but I really don't see that one pieces are that awful when everyone else is wearing the same thing...

Zorrro Smith said...

I recently accompanied a Russian Orthodox friend who was a visitor to Australia to a Russian Orthodox mass. She was wearing pants and after a tap on the shoulder was presented with a wrap around skirt to put over the pants. She good humouredly did so, and later told me that in Russia women wore trousers to mass these days, but it seemed that in Australia the custom of compulsory skirt wearing remained frozen in time. It was interesting to me that some of the womens skirts were far less modest than my pants wearing friend.

A Canberra Observer said...

Oh and sadly in Australian traditionalist circles, behind the wagons there are many zealots for the stuff on offer over at Rorate.
No wonder novus ordo types don't hang around.

A Canberra Observer said...

Re Zorro's comment, and yes there is a delicious rubricism amongst some women (at church) in traditionalist circles too - completely covered according to the letter of the law but leaving almost nothing to the imagination. If modesty is about "not drawing attention to me" these outfits scream "look at me!"