Thursday, 11 July 2013

Role of the Ordinariate expanded...

Some good news from Rome, namely Pope Francis has amended the norms for the Anglican Ordinariate so as to encourage its work of mission.

Under the new rules, membership of the Ordinariate will no longer be restricted to ex-Anglicans, their families, and converts, but can also include those baptised but uncatechized Catholics brought back to the faith by the Ordinariate who have not yet completed the sacraments of initiation (ie been confirmed and/or received first Eucharist).

Anyone, of course, can attend an Ordinariate Mass.  But formal membership of it is a different matter.

This is a great expansion in the right direction.

Next step - allowing anyone who feels an attachment to the Anglican patrimony to be a member, even if it is merely a matter of for 'purely subjective motives' or out of 'personal preference'!

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