Monday, 29 July 2013

Personal parish for FSSP Sydney and other traddie news...***

There is some good news for traditionalists in Australia, announced yesterday at Mass in Canberra at least, namely the upcoming erection of the Maternal Heart of Mary Traditional Mass Community as a personal parish in the Archdiocese of Sydney on August 15.

This will be Australia's second personal parish for the traditional Mass I believe - the first was Perth's.

The parish priest for the Sydney EF parish will be Fr Duncan Wong FSSP.

Personal parish structure

Under canon law there are a variety of organisational arrangements that can be adopted, each with different rights, privileges and responsibilities.

Under Summorum Pontificum of course, any priest can say the Extraordinary Form Mass, and a parish priest or moderator is, at least in theory, free to schedule EF masses as part of the normal parish schedule.

It is also open to a bishop to appoint a chaplain for a community, either as part of a parish structure or for the diocese more generally.  It is also possible to grant chaplains some degree of control over the Church they operate at, by appointment as rector.

Most Australian EF communities, for example, are not parishes or even quasi-parishes, but simply communities with a chaplain appointed for them, who can normally hear confessions, preach and offer viaticum to the sick for those entrusted into their care (Canon 566).

Under a chaplaincy though, marriages, baptisms and funerals and some other matters normally remain the responsibility of the geographical parish priest of the faithful (the most obvious possible exception being where the chaplain and the member of the faithful are part of the same geographical parish structure).  Under a personal parish arrangement (Canon 518), that changes.

Formal announcement?

I'd like to be able to provide more details, including on the other potentially positive development of the appointment of an assistant chaplain for Canberra FSSP, but alas the international FSSP site doesn't have anything on this as yet, and the Australian FSSP website is hopelessly out of date (its latest 'news' section is still stuck on Christmas and New Year).

Upcoming traditional retreats

You might also want to note that the Benedictine Fathers of Flavigny are back this year in December to conduct Ignatian retreats at Bowral, NSW.  There is five day men's retreats are planned for 5 -10 December and 12 - 17 December, with a Day of Prayer and Recollection for Women on December 18 - 19. You can either register directly online or find out more and register (including for the women's retreat) by emailing here.

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