Monday, 10 June 2013

What did the Nuncio really say?!

I received a note from a reader asking my views on some curious comments from the new Nuncio, Archbishop Paul Gallagher, reported on Cath News last week.

In a speech to Parliamentarians he reportedly said:

I believe the church needs to concentrate on its core values: evangelisation and helping the members of the Catholic community to be true to their faith and live full lives.

“But the issues of sexual abuse, the ordination of women and homosexuality need to be addressed; we need to be inclusive. These are not just about ideas, they are about people in the Church and we need to come to terms with them.''


I have to admit that when the story popped into my email from the Archdiocese of Canberra-Goulburn I dismissed it as probably being misreporting, yet another example of the Archdiocese running amok in the absence of a bishop.

But the remarks did get a wider run, courtesy (sigh) of Cath News, so perhaps some greater context or explanation of what he was trying to say or actually did say is needed?

Let's leave aside the abuse scandal for the moment, because I've made my views on that subject clear on many occasions!

But on homosexuality and the ordination of women just what could being 'inclusive' or 'coming to terms' with them possibly mean?

For surely we don't 'come to terms' with sins or impossibilities other than by accepting Church teaching?

But perhaps....

Homosexual acts are immoral and nothing can change that.  But perhaps the Archbishop is suggesting that more publicity needs to be given to organisations like Courage, an apostolate that seeks to assist those who experience same-sex attraction, but seek to live out their lives in fidelity to the teachings of Christ and the Catholic Church?

Similarly, the ordination of women is impossible, but perhaps he is suggesting that more effort needs to be put into explaining clearly just why that is the case?

Whatever it was that he really meant, the Cath News (and Archdiocesan) news item as it stands just gives air to those seeking to overturn the Churches teaching on these subjects.


jeff said...

wow this looks really, really bad.

A Canberra Observer said...

You can add to that "what did the Pope really say?" And apparently every day.
It is all very depressing.

Kate Edwards said...

CO - I'm not sure its that bad!

While some of his comments are a little cryptic in the absence of context (hence a couple of clarifications), a lot are very good indeed. Did you have some particular comments in mind?

A Canberra Observer said...

Yes, the ones reported recently on Rorate where he apparently disparaged a note from some of the faithful having offered for him a bouquet of a certain number of rosaries as being a blast from a best forgotten time.