Wednesday, 12 June 2013

***That 70s thing, or the last gasps of Labor

It has been pretty depressing watching the Labor Government commit suicide, partly because I once supported Labor, and partly because our system of Government depends, I think, on their being genuine choices on offer.

But now Prime Minister Gillard has hit a new low, with some extraordinary comments on abortion and women in political life.

According to the ABC she "warned women will be "banished" from politics and abortion will be "the political plaything of men" if the Opposition wins the election."

Does she really believe that old line about abortion being about a woman's right to control her own body rather than being about disposing of a life?  And even if she hasn't moved beyond that tired old 70s feminist rhetoric, does she really think it is a line that has any resonance in the electorate these days?

There has been a lot of talk of KRudd rising from the dead of late, but given his all too well-known modus operandi that led to him being dumped in the first place and defeated at every attempt to return, his conversion to same sex sex 'marriage' recognition, and general campaign of destruction from within, Labor would be mad to give in to his supporters.

But surely there is someone else who could try and make it a real contest.

**Update: the Mal Brough factor....

And speaking of outdated ideologies, Gillard is clearly trying to manufacture an issue in a most vile way, but what has the other side to offer?!

It is not as if Mr Abbott actually will do anything to stop abortion: as commentators have noted, he has explicitly reassured the electorate that he will not (it is not true though that the Commonwealth has no power in this area: a good start would be to remove all Medicare funding for abortions and IVF; as it is, Mr Abbott did not even take the obvious step, back when he was Health Minister, of setting up a separate Medicare item code for abortions so we could at least find out how many were really occurring and demonstrate the ludicrousness of the 'safe, legal and rare' proposition).

And consider the news that former Coalition Minister Mal Brough, named by a judgment as one of the conspirators to overthrow the Government in the Slipper Affair yet still a candidate for the Coalition, has struck again with a lewd, nasty and clearly sexist attack on the Prime Minister in a menu for a fundraising dinner.

I'm hoping for some good independents to stand in my electorate...

****Senator Madigan's sex selection abortion bill

And there is a useful article on Senator Madigan's (DLP) bill to remove funding for sex selective abortions you can read here.  The Bill won't be voted on before the election, but the article from The Guardian argues it is putting some pressure on those politicians who claim to be pro-life but do nothing...


Joshua said...

How vile. I quite agree with what you say about the need for a real choice - in terms of having two credible alternatives to vote for! - but instead, we have the deliberately barren atheist ranting against men in her impassioned promotion of the pretended right to abortion: misandry?

I suspect that even many rusted-on supporters will be wincing at this latest outburst (just as over her PM-ship she has alienated more and more and more of the population).

Instead of dog whistling, we have here a very thinly disguised attack on Catholicism: apparently no Catholic can be trusted...

I think of a close female relative of mine, who is ALP to the core, but certainly not pro-abortion. O for the days of Hawke and Keating, who were successful leaders of Labor; the irony is that, given some plausible choices, we would have Abbott as ALP PM! As it is, he will be the first DLP PM (as the joke goes).

As a man, I find this woman's misandry repugnant and deserving of all condemnation.

sursum corda said...

The media seem unaware that Tony Abbott would be the sixth Catholic Prime Minister, not the first, in a country where 25% of the voters are Catholic.Like another Welsh born Australian Prime Minister, Billy Hughes, she is trying to stir up sectarian strife.
Off topic, I'm enjoying Clive James' translation of the Divine Comedy- read Dante before he's banned as homophobic and anti-islamic.

The Loon said...

The other year Gillard publicly mocked those who deny/doubt climate change science, yet it is a long established scientific fact the human life begins at conception when the egg and sperm fertilise. I learnt this at my public school years ago in science class. I cannot stand this woman, but pro-abortion Rudd is even worse.

In her speech Gillard said that if Abbot (who has joined the cafeteria line) were PM, when he'd go off on holiday he'd be replaced by a man in a blue tie. 1) Kevin Rudd was on the news today wearing a blue tie 2) Julie Bishop, who'd be acting PM in this case, is a woman not a man.

We need a true leader (of any party) who will stand up for truth and true justice, do what's best for the country and not worry about polls, the dodgy media, and grubby and populist politics. I won't be holding my breath though.

The Loon said...

Just remembered that it would be the Nationals Leader who would be deputy PM. Saw Joe Hockey on the news who noted that the PM called him fat in parliament. Ah politics.

A Canberra Observer said...

This is where Emily's list inexorably leads. Idealogical claptrap of the highest (or lowest) order.

Joshua said...

To be fair, the revelation of certain lewd comments about our PM on an LNP fundraising dinner menu only confirm the impression of the low quality of today's politicians on both sides of politics; then again, to hysterically demand the disendorsement of the candidate whose fundraiser it was for that dirty joke alone seems a bit excessive a punishment (justice ought be meted out in proportion to the crime after all), let alone when it is apparently fair and all but irrefutable for the PM herself to abuse her own office by staging more than one speech to accuse her opponent of misogyny (one wonders why, if true, his sisters, wife and daughters haven't spurned him), and moreover for her to make dark suggestions that his Catholicism alone ipso facto proves himself unfit for high office - don't we have freedom of religion? perhaps if he were a Muslim he'd escape criticism!