Sunday, 2 June 2013

St Expeditus, pray for us

I want to encourage today, devotion to a lesser known saint, but one whose patronage will be close, I think, to many Canberra traditionalist hearts, particularly today, namely St Expeditus.

St Expeditus

St Expeditus' entry in the Roman Martyrology (on April 19) is brief, stating only that he was crowned a martyr at Melitine in Armenia on the same day as a number of others.

Little is known of the saint, and it is not clear whether Expeditus was his real name, or a descriptor (a Roman soldier travelling with only light equipment was called expeditus).  However, he is generally portrayed as a soldier with a crow with the writing "cras" ("tomorrow") underfoot, and either a hand touching a clock (as above) or holding a cross with the word 'hodie' (today) on it.

For obvious reasons he is the patron saint of rapidity, against procrastination and related sins, and for an expeditious approach to things in general.

I'd be delighted to know if you particularly felt like offering a prayer to the saint today.


AL said...

Yes, very interesting saint to know about.
St Expeditus, pray for us.

Richard Collins said...

Today and every day, sounds like just the sort of saint I need.

Joshua said...

There is a story to the effect that devotion to him was spread by some American (or French?) nuns of the late nineteenth or early twentieth century, who received some relics by express post, and, 'tis said, misunderstood the "expedite" as referring to the quick-working power of prayer the saint whose remains they had been sent, rather than as a reference to the rapidity of delivery of such mail!

That said, if he's in the Martyrology, he is a saint, and any saint is a powerful ally - since all saints are in heaven, near to the throne of God, whereas we poor sinners in this vale of tears are not. It is a sad thing that devotion even to Mary Most Holy, let alone to the Saints, has so fallen away...

A Canberra Observer said...

Punctuality is part of the virtue of justice. I suggest that when individual actions will impact expectations of many people that communication of changes is also a part of justice.