Monday, 10 June 2013

Long weekend reading

A few items of random interest you may have missed...


The President of the Land of the Free is rightly getting something of a drubbing of late, first for the scandalous misuse of the IRS to pursue political opponents, including pro-life groups, and now for the invasion of the internet by US security forces.  But surely one of the biggest scandals of all is the US' ongoing commitment to execution without trial and conduct of unjust war through drone attacks.  So do read the US Bishops on the new Star Trek Movie and the morality of drones.


As we get closer to the Federal election, a number of Catholic organisations are launching commentaries that look pretty partisan.   Take these two:

Sydney Archdiocese criticises Gonski Reforms of schools

Does Catholic Health want to destroy Medicare? (Latest of a series of exchanges between John Menadue and Catholic Health CEO Martin Laverty, follow the links for previous posts).

And for a bit of counterintuitive analysis, backed up by solid data, read Prof Peter Whiteford's latest piece arguing that actually, Australia doesn't have much middle class welfare!


The Royal Commission is holding private hearings in Brisbane this week.  In the meantime, the stories, seemingly fair and unfair alike, continue to dribble out:

SA DPP says insufficient evidence to prosecute Fr Ian Dempsey

The South Australian Director of Public Prosecutions said there was insufficient evidence to warrant pursuing a conviction in the case of the alleged rape of Traditional Anglican Communion Bishop John Hepworth in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  Fr Dempsey was named under Parliamentary Privilege by Senator Nick Xenophon, who has refused to apologise over the affair.

WA Catholic school principal accused of abuse 

The ABC initially claimed that a WA school principal was allowed to remain in his position despite being investigated by police over allegations of child sexual abuse.

The story was removed following suppression ordes on his name and police admissions that although they had been investigating the man for some months, they had not actually told the Education Authorities until November.

The latest version of the story reports that police notified the educatin authority of the case in November and he resigned in February.  He has pleaded not guilty in court.

Victorian child abuse numbers revised up

The Catholic Church in Victoria has reised its Submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry to revise the number of abuse cases and offenders upwards.  The Inquiry completed its public hearings last week.

Canberra priest pleads not guilty to abuse charge

+Pell &+Hart 'recommit' to tackling evil scourge of sex abuse


Zorro Smith said...

I think that Archbishop Hart still doesn't get it. His comments are about himself, "I feel very sad. I feel very hurt. I do feel betrayed" . There appears to be a wilful blindness happening here. When are they going to say,"for many years these little children suffered dreadfully by means of criminal acts perpetrated by abusive, selfish priests and we, who had the capacity and responsibility to act, did nothing. We let these children down. We betrayed them. We hurt them".

The gospel reading for the day the Royal Commission was announced was the one where Jesus spoke about the millstone being tied around the neck of those who did not protect these little ones. The Catholic Church is being forced to act morally in this matter by the secular world. It has lost the respect of a vast number of people by it's amoral stance on this matter.


Gervase Crouchback said...

It is time that Hart stood down and be replaced by one who is more astute,compassionate and credible