Sunday, 30 June 2013

Gillard's shameful last act: RU 486 subsidized

I stand by my view that Julia Gillard wasn't toppled for views on abortion - her assassins after all included people like lesbian radical feminist Senator Penny Wong (though maybe her vote was bought by the prospect of getting 'married').

But maybe there was some divine retribution involved, likely with more to come, given that her shameful last act as Prime Minister was to approval the listing of abortion drug RU 486 on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

The Courier Mail reports (a mantilla twirl in the direction of Fr Sharp):

JULIA Gillard's last act as prime minister included signing off on cabinet approval for slashing the cost of abortion pill RU486 to as little as $12.

Listing the abortion drug on the taxpayer-funded Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) will see the price of a medical abortion in Australia drop from up to $800 to just $12 for concession card holders from August 1.

Women not eligible for concessions will pay around $70 under the PBS....


Kate Edwards said...

A Canberra Observer commented:

Reasons given:

Kate Edwards said...

The Loon commented:

And what medical benefits does ru486 have? Well lets see, according to the US Food and Drug Administration (2011 report - under Obama not Bush), ru486 has caused massive bleeding and 14 deaths in the US as well as hemorrhages and deaths internationally. If it were any other drug...

Kate Edwards said...

A Canberra Observer commented:

to be even more cynical, some might suggest that the listing is more cost effective than the current 'service'. so sad.

Kate Edwards said...

Catherine commented:

To know that our taxes are now subsidising RU486 at over $600 a pop fills me with dismay. As a taxpayer I am now complicit in these murders of extremely young Australians. It fills me with horror. I've expressed this to our elected officials. Have you? The more protest there is, the greater the chance that this decision can be reversed.

Kate Edwards said...

Bear commented:

I agree with Tracey's comments: EF people often have an entire package that comes with the liturgy - and these do alienate the majority of the lay faithful. For example, the attachment to the monarchy is often part of the package - and I have heard sermons linking Traditional Catholicism with monarchism.

In other blog posts you have commented on the politics of EF communities, being very partisan for one party. In general, there is a lot of discussion of politics among EF faithful - and this is very off putting.

In supporting Tracey, I will be more specific. The obsession with detail and the impression that liturgy is the most important thing in life will overwhelm ordinary people - they have their own lives to live. Each with a full gamut of joys and difficulties: work, family, education, health - and the expectation that the EF community will annex your life is rather unappealing for many people.

A friend once observed that among EF communities there is very little focus on those in poverty and need. Very few have chapters of charitable institutes (such as Vinnies) or their own. The charitable work is all directed within the community and usually to the liturgy. This indicates a Christian community that needs some work.

Kate Edwards said...

Andrea commented:

So you can get RU486 on the PBS, but you can't get bio-identical progesterone - which is necessary for may women to sustain a pregnancy, and has been shown to be effective in treating post-natal depression, and PMS symptoms.