Friday, 3 May 2013

Yet another priest giving scandalous support to homosexuality in Canberra-Goulburn

The still bishop-free Canberra-Goulburn Archdiocese is not exactly a hot bed of orthodoxy - indeed a visiting priest once asked me if there was more than one orthodox priest in the entire diocese.  I assured him I could think of five.

As a result we've had a series of priests - including the now thankfully 'retired' Auxiliary +Power - hitting the headlines in the local papers advocating the ordination of women and other forms of dissent.

Things did briefly calm down to some degree (or at least the worst offenders went underground) under Archbishop Coleridge's incumbency.  But Canberra has been without a bishop for over a year now, so its probably not surprising that a repeat offender,  'Biblical scholar' Fr Michael Fallon MSC has taken the opportunity to strike again, this time promoting homosexuality.

Fr Fallon has regularly run courses for the diocese on Scripture.  And his vocation story features on the Archdiocesan website.

Thankfully, he doesn't actually come out in support of homosexual 'marriage'.

But in an article in the Canberra Times today, rather than condemning the practice of homosexuality he advocates ''public celebration of committed love for homosexual couples''.  And of course he quotes a creative interpretation of St Paul's strong condemnations of immorality of all kinds to justify his argument, claiming they should be "seen within the context of the time, rather than taken literally".

Sorry Father but yes those prohibitions should indeed be taken literally.  The Church has always and everywhere taught that sex should only be celebrated in (true) marriage: it is not simply a form of pleasure to be indulged in at will.  And the Church has always and everywhere taught that same sex attraction is fundamentally disordered.  Sodomy, in short, is a sin, not something to be applauded and celebrated.

Fr Fallon previously garnered headlines for comments that appeared to deny the physical reality of the Resurrection.

***And in a timely intervention on this latter subject, Pope Francis has condemned just such 'spiritual' interpretations of the Resurrection!

According to the media report, Fr Fallon is currently being treated for leukemia.  Please do say a prayer.


Tony said...

Kate, it appears that the crux of your argument, the passages in quotes, don't appear in the Canberra Times article.

The link to the CT article actually points to Fr Fallon's own blog, ie

I found the article -- presumably the one you cite -- here:

Kate Edwards said...

Thanks Tony - Apologies I've corrected the link. But no it wasn't to the comment piece by Fr Fallon that you've helpfully pointed to Tony, but another article today.

But the article by Fr Fallon you point to is actually worse than his reported comments it seems to me, because it actually seems to claim that those who actually condemn homosexuality in the Catholic Church are just a minority who merely 'claim' authority as opposed to actually have it!

Even worse to suggest that those who uphold the Churches teaching are simply acting out of 'fear and misinformation'!

The issue is not the niceness or otherwise of those experiencing same sex attraction. It is about whether something is objectively a sin, and the promotion of a lifestyle that seeks to undermine the basis of society.

That a priest teaching this kind of rubbish can be 'attached' to a Catholic school is truly scandalous.

A Canberra Observer said...

I saw the article you refer to and I almost puked.
This is just unacceptable. If he want to peddle this crap let him go and sponge of some other heretical denomination's superannuation scheme in his twilight years.
He should be silenced and disciplined immediately but we know that in this mamby pamby Australian arm of the Catholic Church no bishop has the fortitude to do any such thing unless really pushed.
And Cardinal Pell had the gall to suggest Benedict wasn't a good administrator. Meanwhile here in the antipodes the trick is to find a true patriot amongst the fifth columnists.

Michael Mcintyre said...

By Michael Mc. I must thank you for the link to Fr Fallon's biographical details. He was the chaplain at UNSW when I was there many years ago, and by the info on in his bio, he has remained the same warm, compassionate committed Priest I knew then. If not for him, I was well on the way to leaving the Church at that time, but his basic humanity and Christian compassion and faith kept me whole and Catholic. I am glad that you called for prayers for him in his sickness: this is true Christian concern.