Thursday, 16 May 2013

The bishops on life issues: some great new videos!

It is nice to have something positive to talk about by way of Australian Bishops' Conference initiatives for a change, and so I want to highlight one that looks to be very good indeed, namely three new videos (available online or as DVDs) on three key life issues, namely euthanasia, abortion and reproductive technologies.

There is a video introducing the series, starting with some context from Bishop Hurley, and then with some extracts from each of the three which you can watch over at the ACBC blog.

I've only watched the euthanasia one in full as yet, but it seems to be very good indeed, and as I've recently blogged on this topic, here it is:

Follow up?

I would note though, that at the moment at any rate, the new website contains nothing but the three videos.

There are some suggested links at the end of the video on euthanasia which I guess you could freeze the screen on to find, but it does seem to me that, as a minimum, these could usefully be put up separately on the website.

Ideally, of course, speaking from an educational/marketing perspective, there would be things like a leaflet summarising the main points of the DVD; FAQs on what is and isn't permissible; perhaps some more detailed material targeted at priests, medical practitioners, and family and friends of the dying; and suggested links for those who want to get engaged in the churches mission in this area.  There are other things that could be done too, such as an online forum where people could ask follow up questions (perhaps the various diocesan Life Offices could collaborate on managing it)?

Still, it's a useful start!

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