Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Pope defends the Extraordinary Form Mass: treasure tradition!

Fr Finigan of the Hermeneutic of Continuity blog has an important story today, of Pope Francis defending the right of priests to say the Traditional Latin Mass in the face of a push from a group of Italian bishops to close it down.

He has translated a newspaper article from Il Foglio, which reports on an exchange at a recent ad limina visit.

The bishops apparently claimed that 'the old rite was creating great divisions within the Church' and should be cancelled or tightly limited.

But the Pope rejected the proposal and told them instead:

"...that they should treasure tradition and create the necessary conditions so that tradition might be able to live alongside innovation."

Excellent news.

Do go and read the rest of Fr Finigan's analysis.

**And you might also take a look at the more extended report of the discussion over at Eponymous Flower.

Unsurprisingly though, Rorate Caeli remains unconvinced, suggesting that the words have been put into the mouth of the Pope and he didn't actually quite say that...wouldn't want to spoil a good attack line now would we?

Archdiocese of New York undermines the fight against Obama mandated coverage of contraception and abortion

And on the ongoing problem of the sorry state of the episcopacy, today's big story is the revelation that in the US, the Archdiocese of New York has been paying for abortions and contraception for its employees for over a decade.

Yet at the same time, Cardinal Dolan has been leading the fight against the Obama Healthcare Mandate to force the Church to do just that.

You couldn't make it up...


Tancred said...

The Pope also told them why he wasn't going to fire Msgr. Marini.

Kate Edwards said...

Thanks Tancred, I've added a lin in!

jeff said...

Well the bishops thought they saw their opportunity and moved in. thank God he stood up to them!