Sunday, 26 May 2013

Paris attack on soldier: denialism/2

One of the bizarre consequences of the denialism around the link between Islam and violence has been that instead of the media being concerned about copycat attacks on soldiers following the murder of a soldier in London, there have been wall to wall stories about Muslim fears of retribution.

Unsurprisingly, there has been little if any evidence to support the latter fear.

But there has now been another attack on a soldier, this time in Paris.

And guess what, denialism reigneth again.

This time the soldier was in uniform, on patrol.  He is in hospital in a serious condition, but looks likely to survive.


The ABC Report describes the attacker as follows:

"A police union spokesman said surveillance footage of the attacker showed him as tall and bearded, aged about 35, possibly of North African origin and wearing a white Arab-style tunic."

And the French Interior Minister admitted that he was indeed trying to kill the soldier:

"Interior minister Manuel Valls noted the similarity in an interview on French TV, saying the attacker was clearly trying to murder his victim..."

Riiiight, so definitely not a Muslim copycat attack then?!

Here is what President Hollande reportedly had to say:

"While anti-terrorist investigators were probing the incident President Francois Hollande said "at this stage" there was no apparent link between the attack in Paris and a murder of a soldier in London this week.

"We still don't know the exact circumstances of the attack or the identity of the attacker, but we are exploring all options," he said.

Mr Hollande said police were hunting for the perpetrator but did not provide any details about his identity or any possible motivation for the attack."

Yep, Islam the religion of peace...

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