Monday, 3 June 2013

***Blasphemous ad: boycott AussieMite

Religious intolerance is rising in Australia and nothing is sacrosanct - unless of course it pertains to Islam.

Fortunately, it seems, a commercial campaign has proved that attacking Catholicism doesn't actually sell products, with the news that the social media campaign to force AussieMite to withdraw its sacrilegious ad has worked.

Attack Islam and every one for good reason quivers in fear...

Last week the Australian National University censored the student newspaper Woroni for satirising Islam.

No one had said boo to their efforts on Catholicism, Scientology, Mormonism, and Judaism.

And because Catholics don't respond violently to attacks on their religion, some think that gives them license to offend.

Don't be tolerant!

The latest anti-Catholic attack took the form of an outrageous advertisement from the maker of a Vegemite pretender, called 'AussieMite' (not to be confused with Dick Smith's rival 'Ozemite'!).

The ad depicted someone receiving holy communion (complete with bishop saying 'The body of Christ') - and then dipping the host into a jar of the product.  She then invites the bishop to join in.

AussieMite's facebook page now carries an apology.

It took rather longer for the ad to be removed.

But I, along with many others on facebook and elsewhere for advocated neither  ignoring it, nor an Islamic style response, but instead emailing them, writing on their facebook page or tweeting them, and demanding that the ad be withdrawn forthwith.

I also suggested also emailing Coles and Woolworths and demanding they remove the product from their shelves.

And it seems that the power of the dollar has worked.

Over at Patheos,  Kathy Shiffer reports that the withdrawal of the ad follows a threat by Woolies and Coles to take the product off their shelves in the face of customer complaints.

Well done all who send emails, wrote on facebook pages or otherwise took action.


And on the subject of giving offence, you might consider, too, taking the time to protest to the Collingwood Football Club and the AFL over their failure to sack Eddie McGuire for his racist comments on radio.

It is frankly unbelievable that a media professional should get off scot-free for truly tasteless, and clearly racist comments made on commercial radio to an audience of thousands, in a week where a thirteen year old girl was given the full media treatment (including from his tv station) for one shouted, albeit outrageous, comment from the crowd.

Ironically, McGuire is even a member of the Government's 'Social Inclusion Board'.  He should be sacked from that job too.

Australia's apparent tolerance of 'casual racism' and more virulent manifestations of the disease is surely something we should all be deeply ashamed of, and do everything we can to combat.


Sursum corda said...

What about the TV ad for the salacious series A Place to call Home, using the hymn Amazing Grace as the soundtrack!

Kate Edwards said...

Haven't seen it (or the series), but I've always hated that hymn.

And have to say the write ups of the show don't make it sound all that salacious either...

Fr Mick Mac Andrew West Wyalong NSW said...

I know it is time for Catholics to once again claim their rightful place in our Australian society and its culture. The Catholic Church in Australia needs respectful acceptance that it plays an important role in our nation. Just as the politicians realised that they were 'on the nose' with the electorate and have taken steps - the Citizenship Education program is one attempt, to improve their standing, the Governments of all levels in our nation need to acknowledge the good that our Church does, while, at the same time, promoting the just response to the failures of the Church in protecting the young and the vulnerable from assault. We won't get the respect we deserve or the protection we must have for Religious Freedom if we allow adverts such as this make use of blasphemy and sacrilege. Thanks for the posts on this and the links so we can protest.