Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A Great Grace scandal: priest refuses to give communion to the sick

I'm trying to slowly work my way through some of the recordings of the Great Grace conference (I do wish hard copy transcripts could be provided!) and I'll write more on them in due course, but I just have to rant at one of the stories related in the Question and Answer section of Professor Anne Hunt's Session on the role of the laity.

A person who did not identify himself but from his comments is a priest of the Gaudium et Spes generation was trying to advocate the introduction of female acolytes.

And as part of his advocacy he proudly related what seems to me to be an utterly scandalous story, of the type condemned by Pope Francis just the other day, of the triumph of ideology over pastoral good sense (not to mention canon law in this case).

A woman in hospital had asked to receive Holy Communion.

A layperson arrived to give it, however the sick person, presumably being of a traditional mind on this matter, asked instead for a priest.

The priest  - the official hospital chaplain - duly arrived.

And then refused to give her communion, instead giving her a lecture to the effect that the layperson was the duly authorised minister for the sacrament!

I'm utterly scandalised, and I hope the priest in question has been properly identified, counselled and if necessary removed from Ministry since he clearly has no grasp either on his role or his duties under canon law.

You can watch him talking on the video of session 4 (he starts at around 48.28).

PS: I'd be particularly interested to hear from anyone who can identify him and/or was there...


Rosanna said...

A priest in a parish not a million miles from mine gave instructions to the ladies who take Holy Communion to the people in hospital that they were not to ask the people if they wished to see a priest before they were given Holy Communion and they were not to speak of being in a state of grace.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate, many thanks for this post especially, it helps me to be able to quickly access the Conference and keep up to date.
Fr Mick Mac Andrew
West Wyalong NSW