Thursday, 18 April 2013

Visit of abbot of Clear Creek

Clear Creek Monastery, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Source: Monastery website
Some readers may be aware that the Abbot of Clear Creek Monastery, the Right Rev. Phillip Anderson, OSB, is currently visiting Australia, accompanied by the only Australian member of the Abbey, Brother James Middledorp, of Adelaide.

I've been alerted to the fact that he will be saying a Solemn High Mass in Brisbane this Sunday, so if you have a chance to get there, do go!

A rapidly expanding Congregation...

Clear Creek is a foundation of Fontgombault Abbey in France, a member of the Solesmes Congregation of Benedictines, and by most measures by far the most successful of the traditionalist monasteries.

Refounded in 1948 with 22 monks, it is easily the largest of any of the Solesmes Congregation monasteries, with over a hundred monks.  And it has also made four foundations in recent years: Randol (1971), Triors (1984), Gaussan (1994), and Clear Creek, US, (1999).

Clear Creek itself is largely the inspiration of Dr John Senior - a large group of his students joined Fontgombault Abbey, and members of this group subsequently formed the core of the new foundation.  Clear Creek itself is now up to 41 monks.  There is also an associated group of Benedictine sisters.

Australian visit

Brisbane: Abbot Phillip  will be the celebrant at a Solemn (EF) Mass the 10am (EF) on Sunday April

21, at St Joseph's, Kangaroo Pt.

Melbourne: ANZAC Day, Solemn Requiem, 10.30am St Aloysius.

If there are any other events planned, do let me know and I'll add them to the list...

And please do pray for more Australian vocations to them, and consider supporting their fundraising campaign in aid of the completion of their monastery buildings!

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Bro Prosper said...

Thank you for the information, will pray for a fruitful trip for the monks, Father Abbot Philip is a true Son of Holy Father Benedict and Our Lady of Creek Abbey is a blessing for the entire Church. I pray that construction may resume soon and the Abby Church and Monestery will filled with many vocations for praise of God and the glory of His Holy Church! PAX. Bro Prosper