Thursday, 18 April 2013

New Zealand falls! Same sex 'marriage' law passes...

New Zealand became the thirteen country to legalise 'marriage' for gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual and intersex couples.

And there is no residency requirement, so Australians need only take a quick trip across the Tasman.

The Bill passed its third reading last night, with the vote 77 to 44.

The only positive note is that the bill does provide a conscience exemption to prevent marriage celebrants from being forced to marry couples if it is against their religion.


A Canberra Observer said...

Sadly, I didn't even know this was happening. And I wonder what the New Zealand episcopate was doing. Probably about the same amount as the Australian episcopate has so far.

PM said...

Should we suggest that they go out into the nearest paddock and observe the natural behaviour of sheep?

The achievement of the gay lobby is truly remarkable. They have overcome not only common sense about what is and isn't natural, but also the 'yuck factor' which protects us from unhygienic practices likely to lead to physical injury and disease.