Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Michael Voris in Australia: Sydney's homosexual 'celebration' Masses

The irrepressible Michael Voris of Church MilitantTV is just finishing up an Australian tour.

Last time around, he had a go at the Sydney Archdiocese's pro-homosexuality 'Acceptance' Masses at Newtown, long a sore point between many orthodox Catholics and Cardinal Pell.

Voris' assessment this time around is that things have only gotten worse, with the Newtown website becoming far more flagrant in its rejection of Catholic teaching.

He has a point.


AnnaW said...

Parishes have the ability to update the Mass times themselves. This was updated by the specific parish not by the Archdiocese of Sydney.

Kate Edwards said...

Anna - The scandal is that the Archbishop continues to allow this mass to be said at all, and has not suspended the priest involved for heresy given his blog comments.

R J said...

I didn't previously know that Michael Voris had visited this country. Sorry I hadn't heard him talk before.

Anonymous said...

Slightly irrelevant, but: nice littering taking place in the background at 1:55.