Saturday, 27 April 2013

Kill your baby for $11.80

Currently the abortifacient pill RU 486 is available in Australia, but is not subsidised by Government.

It seems that is about to change, as the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee is recommending its listing on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

If it is listed, those with a health care card will be able to have an abortion for a mere $11.80.

Taxpayer funded abortion...

No surprise on the Committee's recommendation really, since one of the key criteria for listing is 'cost effectiveness' - and popping a pill is, on the face of it, a lot more 'cost effective' way to kill your baby than going to an abortion mill.

But the unsubsidised price (around $350), or the cost of an surgical abortion surely at least makes people stop and think just a little about what they are doing.  Not hard, admittedly, given the shamefully large number of abortions in this country, but at least it is something.

More importantly, perhaps, the fact that people have to pay it themselves means taxpayers like me who oppose abortion are not cross-subsidising it (at least not through the PBS; Medicare and State Government funded abortion clinics are another story).

Indeed, if we do end up subsidising it, will that render the PBS an unjust law?  It is not a question that has ever been much debated in this country as far as I know, but in the light of the US Obamacare debate, perhaps it needs to be.

One might hope that the bishops and the pro-life movement will rally and fight the good fight once more on RU 486.  But I wouldn't get up your hopes.

All the same, surely if the heat got too hot, the Government might decide not to push this issue before the election.

Don't count on Tony though!

Don't however hope that Opposition leader Mr Abbott would reverse such a decision, or take a different view if the matter is deferred: he was quoted on ABC TV   as saying he would act on the advice of the Committee on this issue.

Well, at least he is being consistent at the moment - in jettisoning any claim to the title Catholic.

Now we can hold out the hope that after the election he might take a different view of these issues; it wouldn't be the first time he has done a back-flip or two.  Unfortunately, after all the 'Juliar' rhetoric, it is very hard to see how he can do that this time around.

Still,  conservatives now have someone else they can consider voting for in the form of eccentric mining magnate Clive Palmer. Should go kind of like a new Titanic in fact...


A Canberra Observer said...

So I went to look at the Bishops' Conference website, thinking there might be a press release at least.

Nothing, zip.

Yesterday there was this RU-486 announcement and also a push on euthanasia, and in the last week the great rush of pollies supporting homosexual marriage.

I am getting tired of having my shepherds remaining completely silent while this toxic, immoral tsunami continues to ravage our country. They can't even preach it inside the church, let alone outside. And the clergy are as timid, for the most part, as their purpled bosses.

And doubtless we reap the rewards of the Catholic Education Offices around the country giving us not well formed and knowledgeable young catholics but 40-50 years of modernist, relativist crap substituting for religious education with at least 2 generations whose only claim to Catholic doctrine would really be secular humanism - universal niceness.

And the ACBC website continues to look like one designed for a folksie basket weaving society. Which in fact seems pretty much describes what comes out of this collegial gabfest.

Kate Edwards said...

Yes indeed a disgrace given the constant stream of press release on certain other issues.

I wouldn't mind their silence on the issue though if they had been actively fostering alternative spokespeople on these issues. Their credibility in the public square, after all, is probably not exactly at an all time high!

But as far as I can see the hierarchy have, with a few notable exceptions, done little or nothing to foster the pro-life movement, even standing at odds with at key moments, such as in the Victorian legislative debacle.

And Melbourne's 'Catholic Voices' has thus far been silent on this one as far as I can find.

Instead we have to depend once again on the protestant Australian Christian Lobby to articulate our views. Well, I guess its practical ecumenism at work...

marcel said...

Ru486 is not the morning after pill. Abortionists hand it out to pregnant women from 5-12 weeks after conception. The woman then delivers a dead baby, usually into her home toilet.

You are correct on Tony Abbott. he is pro abortion. not ambivalent, but actually for abortion. disgraceful.

Kate Edwards said...

Thanks Marcel, I'll correct the post.

R J said...

I note that the latest issue of Spectator Australia has a cover story (unavailable online: be grateful for small mercies) by that distinguished theologian and political philosopher ... Tony Abbott.

Gervase Crouchback said...

The road to Gomorrah is being paved with the dropped doctrines of politicians who should know better. Then we had that silly Greens senator with the hyphenated name making comments about Abbott which did little to hide her anti catholic bigotry.

R J said...

I spoke too soon re Abbott's article not being online. It is indeed online now: