Wednesday, 24 April 2013

France becomes country 14....

The fight against homosexual 'marriage' in France has been much more intense than many countries, with literally millions taking to the streets to oppose it.

That hasn't of course, stopped the one-eyed coverage in the Fairfax media here, which has highlighted alleged cases of 'gay bashing', while utterly ignoring claimed police brutality directed against pro-traditional marriage supporters, including video of SSPX priests being bashed by police which you can watch here.  There is a useful article on just how ugly things became, including police using tear gas on crowds and more, here.

Despite the strong opposition, genuine democracy has not prevailed, with the vocal minority last night claiming victory as the French Parliament passed the legislation into law.

The homosexual lobby has done what Germany could not, finally destroyed France.

But perhaps the resistance will once again prevail in the end...


A Canberra Observer said...

More fruits of the revolution.

Gervase Crouchback said...

I think Richard Collins has nearly got it right on his blog
I would make it

No maternity

Catullus said...

how regrettable

R J said...

For as long as "conservatives" - and not only among clergy, of course - who purport to be anti-same-sex "marriage" can in fact be exposed as perverts, and hypocritical perverts at that (the most obvious recent example is that of Keith O'Brien in Scotland, though we all have a fairly good idea of O'Brien's antipodean equivalents still alive), the "marriage equality" juggernaut will be unstoppable. To speak purely of the Australian situation: our Dennis Altmans and Bob Browns have no fear of serious Catholic moral pressure, when again and again the local hierarchy's purported opposition to perversion has been as theoretical - not to mention damnably cynical - as H.V. Evatt's purported opposition to Soviet terror. Evatt, at least, could plead insanity. What's the hierarchy's excuse?

In 1953 Italo-American ex-communist Bella Dodd admitted under oath, to a congressional investigation, that her former Party had deliberately embedded into the priesthood more than 1,000 of its own stooges. Any Catholic who still imagines in 2013 that Organised Sodom is any less effective in its methods of infiltration, calumny, and job-creation than was Organised Communism is in desperate need of brain-surgery, without an anaesthetic.