Friday, 12 April 2013

Fighting abortion in Tasmania: sign the Salamanca Declaration

There are some new developments in the latest battleground in Australia for abortion on demand in Tasmania.

You may recall that Tasmanian Health Minister Michelle O'Byrne is trying to remove abortion from regulation under the criminal code, prohibit pro-life demonstrations near abortion clinics, and allow late-term abortions.

There has been at least a little progress in that the latest version of the Bill has at least removed the provision in the Act to fine doctors who refuse to refer women to another practitioner for an abortion.  And it has also reduced the period in which abortions would be permitted 16 weeks rather than the 24 originally proposed (later abortions would still be permissible, but would require an assessment by two doctors).

It's something I guess, but rather less than might be expected given the public outcry that has occurred there, reflected in the 87% of the 2,000 Submissions lodged opposed to the Bill.  Still, the fight clearly still has a long way to go, with even some Greens apparently expressing concern at the incursion on free speech represented by the ban on pro-life events.

As it will be a conscience debate, there is still a chance the Bill could be voted down, so if you are a Tasmanian resident, please do lobby your MP!

But even you are not, you can sign up to the Salamanca Declaration, which has been devised by and signed up to by assorted Christian leaders, including the (Catholic) Archbishop of Hobart, the Anglican Bishop of Tasmania, and the leaders of the assorted Presbyterian, Baptist, Pentecostal and other communities.

The Declaration reads:

"Seeking the common good of all Tasmanians, we put forward these points of agreement, that all human life is sacred, that we are all endowed with the liberty to worship God and have our consciences informed by our faith in God, and that the marriage between a man and woman is the best home environment to raise children and to leave a legacy for our State."

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HolyCatholicApostoli said...

Tasmanians should sign the latest petition against this evil bill:

and please write to or meet with your local lower and upper house MPs.