Friday, 1 March 2013

Cardinal Pell: Not media savvy!

While Australians have been almost universally been appalled at the latest of Cardinal Pell's (many) media faux pas, the Vatican's press office have attempted to claim that he was taken advantage of by the media!

Now it may be true, as Fr Rosica suggests, that he is one of those Cardinals who are not particularly media savvy.

But taken advantage of?

"Spokesman the Rev. Thomas Rosica said it was unwise for the Vatican to comment on what cardinals say, and that journalists shouldn't take advantage of cardinals who, he said, aren't media savvy."

Yep - when he was voluntarily giving those seven interviews he gave from Rome, Australia's bishop most frequently quoted in the media (and indeed author of a weekly column in the Daily Telegraph), was taken advantage of the evil media.

You have to give them brownie points for trying I guess...


Joshua said...

I have had both Catholic and Protestant work colleagues - both practising and not - come to me lamenting the "rude and graceless" comments of His Eminence about our dearly beloved Pope (now abdicated). To them I have said, in reassurance, not to fear: the Papacy is above Pell's pay grade (unless the Lord has rather unpleasant medicine in store for us).

Kate Edwards said...

Indeed, I've also had several outraged friends and relatives of similarly mixed makeup, ring me to express their outrage that Australia is being 'represented' by someone who could be so crass.

But in fact the strength of reaction to his remarks seems to be quite a positive - by all accounts lots of water cooler discussion on what BXVI has in fact achieved and a fair degree of sympathy for being surrounded by on the one hand the Borgia-like state of the current Curia and on the other hand those whose ambitions to join the club have thus far been thwarted.