Monday, 4 February 2013

Prima Luce: the new evangelization at work!

Prima Luce concert, Canberra February 2013
Photographer: Claudia Pook

This is a somewhat belated post given that the new group Prima Luce has now completed its first national tour, covering primarily regional areas of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, however, it is not too late - you can still buy a copy of their CD!

Prima Luce is a group of young musicians from Brisbane and Sydney who have dedicated themselves to restoring the more traditional repertoire of church music, including the better (recent as well as ancient) hymns, as well as Gregorian chant and polyphony.

During their Canberra visit they sang at the 11am Mass at St Christopher's Cathedral, and their splendid offertory piece, a harmonized chant version of Sub Tuum Praesidium, certainly made the congregation sit up and take notice!

They also performed an afternoon concert which was refreshing in its careful acknowledgement of their religious objectives - simple gestures such as genuflecting and singing to the blessed sacrament, bowing at the name of Jesus and so forth.

The music itself would have not been startling at least to a traddie audience - they mostly sang items from the standard repertoire of most TLM choirs in the country.  But it is good to see a group of young people take the initiative like this, and attempt to spread good liturgical music beyond the ghetto walls.  Especially nice to try things like exposing an OF congregation to things like an English setting of a traditional chant Sanctus and Agnus Dei, for example.

The CD recording was accompanied by a string quartet, and you can listen to a sample below, or a little of each track through their website.

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