Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Soho Gay Mass has gone: what about Sydney?!

A reader has alerted me that one of those unfortunate legacies of the liberal era, the so-called 'gay Mass' regularly held in Soho in London has finally been closed down, perhaps following pressure from the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith.  Instead the Church is to be given to the Ordinariate.

So let's hope Sydney's similarly scandalous 'gay Masses' will also soon be shutdown, since they reflected exactly the same philosophy as the Soho group.

One of the unfortunate legacies of the liberal era has been so-called 'gay masses', promoting 'acceptance' of homosexuality and worse, 'gay culture', rather than helping those with same-sex attraction to practice chastity and adopt a genuinely Catholic identity.

There are groups, such as Courage, that genuinely try and help - and there are those that simply subvert Catholic teaching.

The same sex marriage debate has rather sharpened the debate - and the UK bishops were just as reluctant as many Australian ones to actually come out and clearly articulate the Churches teaching on this subject, coming out with all sorts of rationalisations and irresponsible compromises, for example, in support of civil partnerships as an alternative.

It is good to see things happening to correct this in the UK.

Let's hope there is a swift flow-on here...


mitch10 said...

A great quote for the coming new year. Let’s start thinking more of others and less of ourselves. Nice post

Gervase Crouchback said...

i once rang the contact for Acceptance Melbourne to see about attending the Monthly mass a ta church in South yarra,just to see what it was like. The chap i spoke to was quite aggressive and using the f bomb quite a bit. I did not attend,my wife and daughter thought it would have been amusing to have a straight traditional Christian there. So brendan or Bernard or whatever his name was,he is not special just another sinner in need of repentance .

Victoria said...

The pastoral care of the homosexual community has been moved to the Jesuit Mayfair church where, as I understand it, there will be no special "gay" Masses. Time will tell. I think that this has been quite a clever move of Abp Nicols.

Gervase Crouchback said...

Please go to Eccles and Bosco's blog-they do a marvellous parody of MYSTERY WORSHIPPERS synonomous usually with that Liberal Christian website SHIP OF FOOLs when they visit the Soho "Gay Masses"
i could not stop laughing

Antonia Romanesca said...

“It is good to see things happening to correct this, in the UK.
Let's hope there is a swift flow-on, here...” ^^^ One imagines Kate, that this shall depend on what fraction of our Australian Bishops’ Conference are orthodox in their Catholicity. We have heard that fraction is now running at 50% orthodox to dissenting- against- Rome-Aussiebishops, compared to formerly only 30% orthodox Catholic Australian bishops. One has to hope that this is in truth, the new situation….??
It is widely acknowledged internationally, that the Vatican has now regained control of the North American arm of the Catholic Church, even though it has been a long haul over ten years. Can the same happen here, or are we just too far south of Tierra del Fuego & so liable to be abandoned by the too often exasperated Vatican, to rot away in the mists of time?

Kate Edwards said...

Surely a matter entirely under the control of the bishops concerned viz Pell and Hart rather than anything to do with the bishops conference.

The problem we have in Australia is that even the nominal 'conservatives' are not prepared to take the falck that would come from acting.