Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Wilcannia-Forbes news: Manning out; Kennedy in

In an interesting development, Wilcannia-Forbes diocese has a new Apostolic Administrator, Bishop Michael Kennedy of Armidale.

No news yet, however, on a resolution to the future of the diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes, now vacant since the early 'retirement' of Bishop Toohey in 2009.   Rumour has it (though why we have to depend on rumours on matters like this isn't entirely clear) that Rome rejected the proposal put to it by the NSW bishops.

Bishop Kennedy is the third Administrator to take on the challenge of keeping the diocese going int the meantime, taking over from Bishop Manning who presumably (like a number of members of the hierarchy) has other things to worry about, not least in the form of the 'Fr F' abuse case.

The appointment of a young, capable, committed and orthodox to hold the fort can only be seen as a positive development in this seemingly never-ending saga of the death of a diocese...

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