Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Melbourne Cup's New Evangelization moment!

Today is the day Australia stops work (whether or not one happens to live in a State or Territory that declares it a public holiday!) and watches the Melbourne Cup.

So nice then to see the winning jockey, Brett Prebble, very deliberately making a sign of the cross after the race clearly in thanksgiving....(oh yes and the winning horse was Green Moon).


Maureen said...

:) I always begin Christmas shopping on the first Tuesday in November; less than no interest in horses, and it's the one day of the year on which you can be guaranteed to find empty shops and many salespeople eager to serve you!
It was fun to see all the young girls in the city this morning, so glamourously attired.

Victoria said...

I attended a Catholic high school in Sydney many moons ago and every Melbourne Cup day the sisters (shows you how long ago it was) would put on the radio and we would listen to the Cup.