Monday, 5 November 2012

Cath News' Michael Mullins promotes heresy. Again.

Cath News' 'Blog Watcher' column today bears the headline 'A nasty victory for blogger power'. 

It is yet another case of Cath News' (and Eureka Street's) Michael Mullins promoting error and disobedience.

In fact the headline should have been 'Victory for the power of the laity'.

Because the story it goes with is actually a case of lay Catholics exercising their right  - even duty - to draw attention to a problem in the Church, and succeeding in getting their voices heard.

Dissenting Catholic theologian gets the boot...

Here is what happened.

A prominent British so-called Catholic theologian Tina Beattie, signed a letter to The Times in support of same sex civil unions.  She has previously advocated same sex marriage, and abortion amongst many other issues with her work.

So a number of bloggers raised the issue of her use of the title Catholic, and successfully managed to get a lecture she was to to give at Clifford Cathedral cancelled.   Subsequently the (Catholic) University of San Diego has cancelled a visit by her.

Nothing nasty about that. 

Entirely proper, in fact, as bishops are required to ensure that theologians speaking in official capacities, teachng at Catholic Universities, and using Church premises, actually teach what the Church teaches.

Free speech? Only when I agree with what you have to say!

But far from being repentant, Ms Beattie is whingeing about evil bloggers on her own blog!

It is called free speech Ms Beattie.

And proper action on the part of the laity.

Ms Beattie seems to want to have it both ways.  On the one hand she wants to claim Catholic status while subverting the teachings of the Church. 

But on the other, those who happen to disagree with her and want to promote fidelity to what the Church actually teaches are viciously attacked.

Amongst her claims is that those who disagree with her are 'willfully ignorant of  the norms and methods of the Catholic theological tradition'. 

Willfully ignorant?  I don't think so!  The responsibility of theologians to remain faithful to Magisterial teaching has been articulated on numerous occasions.  The job of theologians is not to advocate heresy, but to help us understand the faith better, in contemporary terms, and to explore ideas within its bounds.

The line that academic freedom means a free for all is called protestantism.


R J said...

Ah yes, good old invocations of "academic freedom."

I am old enough to remember the time (1960s and 1970s) when it was accepted on all sides in Australia that "academic freedom" was synonymous with "male professors' Jimmy-Savile-type behaviour towards female undergraduates, without the slightest risk to their taxpayer-funded tenure." The phenomenon was so notorious that as late as 1980 or thereabouts, cynical (male) students had a recognised phrase when discussing it: "a lay for an A."

Now I'm sure neither Tina Beattie nor Michael Mullins have this situation in mind. But it's as well for such people to be reminded of how utterly scornful - through bitter experience - the rest of us have mostly become towards modern academic entitlement culture, whether it's used to promote heresy (as in this case) or to promote something different but equally objectionable.

Martin S. said...

Take away the hint and prestige of the Church and these people are dropped by media and liberal gladhanders.

The reduction of freedom of religion to 'freedom of worship' is not a hypothetical threat. The most powerful government in the world, backed by its media and academic arm explicitly intend it. 'Equality' and same-sex 'marriage' are the god-term and means. Do they understand what comes after the stripping of public respectability? In who are they placing their trust for the continued safety and freedom of Catholics in society? And will they allow this basis the scrutiny it deserves? The simplicity and unity that comes from the state being all in all my resemble the equality and simplicity of the kingdom - but that is the infernal point!

The 'I'm a courageous maverick' routine won't work anymore, it is 2012 not 1950. They way they act you'd think it was the case that flipping from channel to channel all you heard was the Pope's view on this, or the Church's view on that.

Again, for the cheap seats: "When the Round Table is broken every man must follow Galahad or Mordred; middle things are gone.” -C.S. Lewis

What they are going to do, I wish they would do quickly. Have the courage to speak outside Church structures, and save themselves the ridiculous ignominy of being useful idiots of the liberal therapeutic regime.

A Canberra Observer said...

And the single comment, sharing Mullins (and others) thesis, suggests that CathNews continues itself to choose when to stifle debate ...
But they can't speak authoratively for the Church, can they ? ...

As to Mullins collection of text, how does Fr Z refer to these things? oh, yes, that's it - 'spittle flecked nutty'

PM said...

Well said, RJ - but don't wait for an expose from those organs of the Balmain left at the GayBC and the Sydney Moaning Herald. (Wendy Bacon once did obliquely suggest that the attitude of the Push to women might have left something to be desired, but that's about it.)

I've just been in the UK and the abuse issue has well and truly broken out of the boundaries set by the PC thought police who will report it if, and only if, they can finger the Church. We now have credible reports of a paedophile ring in the BBC and in parliament, not to mention arts and media types.... But the message hasn't got through here yet.