Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Canberra's 'traditionalist' pollies...

Today all eyes are on the US Presidential election.

But yesterday in a very much tinier pond indeed, the outcome of the recent Australian Capital Territory election became official with the re-election as Chief Minister of Labor's Katy Gallagher, who made it across the line with the help of the one remaining Green member.

One result of note in the recent election is that Canberra's Traditional Latin Mass community is surely unique in Australia at least (and perhaps around the world) in having now not one but two elected members in the Territory's House of Assembly, both women and both Liberals, in the form of Vicki Dunne who was elected speaker yesterday, and the newly elected Guilia Jones.

So congratulations are in order!

Canberra uses the complicated Hare-Clark electoral system (a version of the single-transferable vote method), which pretty much ensures that the Territory is condemned to perpetual minority Government's, and the current House of Assembly is split evenly, eight each between Labor and the Liberals. 

The good news this time around was that the Greens were reduced from four members to one.  The bad news was that one was enough to decide who wins Government, and gained not only commitments to a long list of Green policies as part of the deal, but also a ministry.

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