Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Bishops: Why are the pages of our 'Catholic' media running the homosexualist lobby's case!

Over the last few weeks the Federal and Tasmanian Parliaments have voted down proposed legislation to legalise 'gay marriage'.  That was due, in no small part, to the hard work of assorted Christian organizations, including our bishops.

So why then, in the time since, has the pro-homosexualist case been given so much space on Eureka Street and Cath News?

Both of these organizations are listed in the Official Directory of the Catholic Church in Australia. 

Eureka Street (run by the Jesuits) appears under Catholic Media. 

Cath News (Church Resources) under the category of 'Organizations having Liaison with the Bishops Conference' (along with organizations such as the National Vocations Office, Catholic Mission, and more).

Yet both consistently promote points of view at odds with Catholic teaching.

I noted yesterday last Thursday's pair of articles over at Eureka Street advocating for homosexual marriage to be recognised.  And today at Cath News we are graced with a blog post that attempts to utterly distort the plain meaning of the Catechism of the Catholic Church in order to attack Cardinal Pell's defence of exemptions from anti-discrimination legislation for Catholic institutions - exemptions that attempt to protect our children from the advocacy of lifestyles at odds with church teaching.

Ironically, perhaps, the excellent ABC religion and ethics site has consistently provided a much more balanced set of offerings on the homosexualist debate.  I'd particularly recommend a read of Gordon Preece's response to Michael Kirby.  Apart from anything else it makes clear just how far Protestant ideas have infiltrated Catholic thinking!

If we want to truly launch the New Evangelization, we need to evangelize ourselves first.  We need to clean house.

Time for the bishops to act.

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Martin S. said...

Beautiful psalm below thank you Kate. I'm the worst Christian I know well, but the CathNews/Eureka street obstinacy and betrayal still staggers me as a late revert. Perhaps they need, as you say, some time away from the temptation of being flattered by the previously churched but now thoroughly secularised:

"The spiritualizers have had their day; nowadays, the best among them appear engaged in a desperate strategy of acceptance, in the hope that by embracing doctrinal expressions of therapeutic aims they will be embraced by the therapeutics; a false hope—the therapeutics need no doctrines, only opportunities. But the spiritualizers persist in trying to maintain cultural contact with constituencies already deconverted in all but name. Even the Roman Catholic clergy must now confront their own constituencies, as their Protestant and Jewish colleagues have had to do long before."

They're a warning to me, and I'll guard my heart more closely, but they need to be told again they're now little more than stumbling blocks especially to the young. They've become the epitome of the out-of-touch religious elite they rail against. I've just encountered something called 'Catalyst for Renewal' you have no idea how clownish those involved look. Don't they know we're aware of the experience that seems to have imprisoned them?

We have to be of one mind, we need each other - I'm afraid their undignified behaviour might spin out into schism as you say Kate. Bishops need to remove the crutch that calling themselves Catholic gives to their dissent, and is useful to political liberals.