Friday, 12 October 2012

Are there new teachings in V2? Pope says no....

The Pope officially opened the Year of Faith yesterday, and in the process pronounced on one of the ongoing debates about Vatican II, namely whether there are new teachings defined in the Council's documents that we must accept.

And it seems that the answer is no!

No new teachings in Vatican II

VISNews reports Pope Benedict XVI as first citing Pope John XXIII's explanation that the purpose of the Council was not to resolve doctrinal issues, but to look at how the faith could best be presented.  He then says:

"The Council did not formulate anything new in matters of faith, nor did it wish to replace what was ancient. Rather, it concerned itself with seeing that the same faith might continue to be lived in the present day, that it might remain a living faith in a world of change.:

'Spiritual desertification'

The Pope went on to talk about the creation of the spiritual desert that we see around us now, as a result of the distortions engendered by the spirit of Vatican II:

 ... The Council Fathers wished to present the faith in a meaningful way; and if they opened themselves trustingly to dialogue with the modern world it is because they were certain of their faith, of the solid rock on which they stood. In the years following, however, many embraced uncritically the dominant mentality, placing in doubt the very foundations of the deposit of faith, which they sadly no longer felt able to accept as truths.

The task of the New Evangelization, he said, is to tackle this spiritual desertification using sources such as the letter of the actual documents of the Council, rather than their alleged spirit, as well as the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

You can find the full text of the Pope's speech here.

And for an interesting take on Vatican II, including a timely rejection of the Trent vs V2 mentality, have a read of Archbishop Coleridge of Brisbane's piece over at ABC Religion and Ethics.

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