Sunday, 16 September 2012

The TLM in Queensland

Fr Jordan SJ (right) with Frs Wong and Sypher FSSP at Fr Sypher's,
a former member of the Brisbane community, first Mass in 2011
Continuing my little tour of the liturgy in Australia, today a look at Brisbane and Queensland more generally.

Brisbane: a back hole no longer?

Brisbane has mostly been more notorious for its appallingly awful liturgy than famous. 

Aside from the South Brisbane invalid baptism fiasco, it is also the home of Mrs Harrington and her curious 'liturgy lines' pieces.  Indeed, this week's piece is a classic of the genre, on how Vatican II 'restored' the homily which had allegedly developed into something that had no connection with the rest of the liturgy.

Fortunately things are changing: Brisbane now has Archbishop Mark Coleridge in charge, and he has taken a number of steps to set things to rights (although a good next step would be to just close down the Archdiocese's Liturgical Commission!).

Nonetheless, the liturgical abuses that were (and still are) rife in Brisbane haven't hurt the strong Traditional Latin Mass community there, though one suspects that it would have thrived regardless, given the wise leadership of its chaplain, Fr Gregory Jordan SJ.

Brisbane Latin Mass

Under the previous regime, the Latin Mass operated under numerous restrictions.

Hopefully now that it has been freed from these, the community will grow even more strongly.

All the same, it does suffer from competition with one of Australia's other major (and still growing)religions, as reader Maureen has pointed out:

"Father Gregory Jordan says a most beautiful Latin Mass at St Joseph's Church, Kangaroo Point in Brisbane - Sundays at 10 am.

The only downside is that the church is actoss the road from the Gabba - and when AFL games occur, not only is there no parking in the street without a permit, the limited parking spaces in the church grounds are sold to the AFL officials for the day. Boom gate and security guard in situ.

Having learned the hard way, I no longer undertake the long drive on those days, as I have been turned away more than once. I attend Mass at the local parish on football days!"   There are a number of other priests in the Brisbane region who occasionally or regularly say the Latin Mass, including perhaps, given this post, priest blogger A Secular Priest, who has just celebrated the twelfth anniversary of his ordination.  Congratulations Fr Sharp!  And good luck for those last few months of study...  

The rest of Queensland  

As for the rest of Queensland...

I'd like to be able to report that Bishop Morris' replacement is making inroads or even just making a few symbolic steps to point the diocese in the right direction.  Still, early days?

In Rockhampton, the current main story is the restoration of the Cathedral.

There are, according to the web, monthly Masses in Cairns and Townsville (though I presume no longer, alas in Rockhampton).   Perhaps readers can fill us in...


Terry said...

Maybe someone from Rockhampton can enlighten us on the restoration of the Cathedral in Rockhampton. Judging by the photo of the sanctuary, in the link you provided, the sanctuary has not been restored to it's former Catholic splendour.

Brendan said...

I should make some comments about the Latin Mass community in Brisbane which will provide some more information.
The 10 am Mass at St Josephs at Kangaroo Point switches between a Sung Mass and a Low Mass depending upon the availability of the choir and sometimes Fr Jordan. Although we have more priests in the Archdiocese who can celebrate the Extraordinary Form, not many have the confidence to sing a full Mass at this stage.
When possible, and depending upon availability of priests we have a Solemn Mass in place of the Sung Mass. Scheduling a Solemn Mass on a regular basis is still a challenge due to lack of clergy with expertise in this form of the Roman Rite, but we are working on this and hope in the near future that priests (and possibly permanent Deacons) will provide this essential resource.
As well as the 10am Mass on Sundays, normally Fr Jordan celebrates a Low Mass on Saturday Morning.
The server team consists of 22 men and boys rostered on a permanent basis. We are also blessed with the presence of the gentlemen from Frassati Ministries, who are eagerly learning the Extraordinary form as well as propagating the Reform-of-the-Reform throughout the Archdiocese.
The Frassati group have a catechism and information night every Monday commencing with Mass celebrated by the chaplain, Fr Paul Chandler. These Masses are in the Extraordinary Form and in the Ordinary Form (ad orientem) on alternate Mondays.
Parking at St Josephs has not been the problem as first expected, as the carpark seems to accommodate most vehicles and games days at the Gabba Stadium are normally not on a Sunday.
The congregation is increasing all the time, such that even now after moving to a larger church, this church is full to overflowing on most Sundays. A project is underway to provide for more pews. It is curious that as part of the wreckovations in previous years (which are now being overturned to bring the church to being a Catholic Church again) pews were removed obviously because it was foreseen that congregations in the future were going to be a lot smaller.
A word must go out about the parish Priest Fr Bavin Clarke who has most kindly supported the Latin Mass community, and spent parish funds to bring back the High Altar to a usable form. Relations with the Ordinary Form parish community are very good.

Rumsey said...

It will be interesting to see what happens under Archbishop Coleridge. Fr Jordan is 80+. There is an FSSP priest currently in New Jersey who is a Queensland native.