Friday, 14 September 2012

The Latin Mass in South Australia

So I'm starting my roundup of the state of the liturgy in Australia simply because the first of the very few comments I received on this subject was from a reform of the reform parish there.

South Australia has two dioceses: Adelaide (the Archdiocese) and Port Pirie

Port Pirie has, as far as I can ascertain no Latin Mass at all (and is also the diocese that still holds the prize for my worst Christmas midnight Mass experience ever!). 

In Adelaide on the other hand, the Traditional Latin Mass is thriving, and some 'reform of the reform' parishes are emerging.

Adelaide's interesting 'leadership team'

There is a simple reason for that I think.

Adelaide has long one of the most liberal of Australia's dioceses.  When Archbishop Wilson was appointed to the diocese, it was supposedly to clean up some of the mess left by his predecessors.  But while some of the more blatant disregard of Church law may have stopped, it has all just gone underground, as things do in Adelaide... 

Indeed, you can get a sense of just where the dioceses priorities lie (and they are not with good liturgy!) by taking a look at this outrageous website advertising the consultancy services to Government of former Vicar General Fr David Cappo...

Traditional Latin Mass

Fortunately, there are alternatives to the dying 'mainstream' parishes!

As a result of the labours of Fr McCaffrey FSSP, the Fraternity's Apostolate now has two priests based there, and the congregation has continued to grow.  And if you take a look at the Adelaide Latin Mass website (previous link) you will see the community has a wide range of social, charitable and catechetical activities on offer.

There are also a number of other priests who regularly say the Extraordinary Form Mass (or Traditional Dominican Rite Mass) in Adelaide, including a Sunday evening Mass at Hindmarsh.

Reform of the Reform?

A reader provided a comment, however, on some reform of the reform activities in Adelaide, so let me post the comment on St Anthony's at Edwardstown:

"Our parish at Edwardstown, Adelaide (St Anthony's) has been renovated recently, returning the tabernacle to its original position behind the altar.

The community has embraced the new translation very successfully.

But the most significant change has been the singing of the mass in the Gregorian form set out in the new missal, and the singing of the propers of the mass, in English, by the choir at the Saturday vigil mass.

The Saturday vigil is at 6pm, and the address of the church is 832 South Road, Edwardstown, SA."

You can read more about their efforts here.


Are there other good things happening in Adelaide (is this still a stronghold of the more conservative/traditionally inclined Dominicans?), or more to say about the communities I've mentioned above?  Please do add your comments....

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Maureen said...

Coming in late, as no-one seems to have mentioned it: Father Gregory Jordan says a most beautiful Latin Mass at St Joseph's Church, Kangaroo Point in Brisbane - Sundays at 10 am.
The only downside is that the church is actoss the road from the Gabba - and when AFL games occur, not only is there no parking in the street without a permit, the limited parking spaces in the church grounds are sold to the AFL officials for the day. Boom gate and security guard in situ.
Having learned the hard way, I no longer undertake the long drive on those days, as I have been turned away more than once. I attend Mass at the local parish on football days!