Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The EF in Canberra...

I couldn't very well do this little series on the Extraordinary Form in Australia, without at least mentioning my home town of Canberra, so herewith.

And as it happens there are a number of Canberra news items I've been meaning to comment on of late, which have at least some tenuouus connection to the state of play here!

Pray for a good Archbishop?

This first thing to note is that Canberra-Goulburn diocese is currently without a bishop, following the translation to Brisbane of Archbishop Coleridge and the early 'retirement' of Auxiliary +Power.

So it was somewhat surprising to find in my email the other day an announcement that an Archdiocesan Assembly would be held in November with Bishop Comensoli, currently Auxiliary of Sydney, as speaker:

"An archdiocesan assembly with the theme Starting Afresh from Christ will be held on Saturday, 3 November, at Merici College, Braddon. Keynote speaker will be Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney Peter Comensoli.  Prayer will be a major focus of the day, with opportunities to encounter Jesus and to recognise God’s grace in our lives..."

So how can you have a diocesan assembly in the absence of an actual bishop?

And assuming one is appointed in the next couple of months, surely they should have a say in what the theme and agenda is (never mind whether he actually wants to hold an Assembly at all!)?

Because personally, I was hoping we'd get a bishop who, if he did hold another assembly, would at least put a stop to the warm and fuzzy guitar strumming pseudo liturgy that we got served up at the last one!

But perhaps the announcement was just jumping the gun a little, and Bishop Comensoli...?


It is also election time in Canberra, and you can find in it to the candidates' views on key issues on this website.  And there are a couple of traditionalists entering the lists once more!  But please, if you want to comment on this sport, you might want to read this article on the need to identify yourself.  Unlike the Canberra Times, I'm not planning to subvert the law!

EF Community

Canberra has a small EF community, served by the Fraternity of St Peter.

You can find its website here.

It normally has a daily Mass, plus a low Mass on Sunday on the North side, and a sung Mass on the South side of town.

It does have a few social functions, including a 'family and community Sunday' each month, and a mother's group.

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