Sunday, 9 September 2012

Tell us about your EF/Reform of the Reform community: open post

We are coming up, this week to September 14, or the anniversary of the freeing of the Extraordinary Form (EF) (aka TLM) from the requirement that the diocesan bishop formally approve its use. 

Accordingly, I though this might be a good opportunity to reflect on what, if any progress, has been made in the spread of good liturgy in Australia!

And also to update the listing of just what masses are available around the country, which I suspect are all rather out of date.

I therefore to invite you to post a comment about your community - I'll save them up and publish them together with an overview, starting on Friday.

Things you might like to include:
  • who are the priests who say Mass for your community/in your city;
  • Mass times;
  • website/sources of information;
  • other community activities;
  • how many typically attend the EF/excellent OF Mass each week/growth of the community?
  • challenges your community faces (ie lack of a priest/hostile bishop/availability of a church) etc.
  • things your community should/can be particularly proud of (vocations, choir, charitable activities, etc).
Feel free to email me any photos that I could use in a feature on your community/town.

As well as regular EF communities, I'd be happy to highlight special events (including upcoming ones), and other forms of the liturgy (Reform of the reform, Eastern rite, etc) that you think are worth publicizing as options for those desiring more than the usual parish Mass...  


St Anthony's said...

Regarding 'reform of the reform':

Our parish at Edwardstown, Adelaide (St Anthony's) has been renovated recently, returning the tabernacle to its original position behind the altar.

The community has embraced the new translation very successfully.

But the most significant change has been the singing of the mass in the Gregorian form set out in the new missal, and the singing of the propers of the mass, in English, by the choir at the Saturday vigil mass.

The Saturday vigil is at 6pm, and the address of the church is 832 South Road, Edwardstown, SA.

TYerry said...

On this subject of the EF Mass Kate, I don't know whether you are aware or not, but a number of other websites are predicting that on 02/12/2012, his health permitting the Pope will promulgate a new revised edition of the 1962 EF Mass, with some Novus Ordo features included; eg. the option to face the people. Whether it's true or not, time will tell. I thought, that you might like to keep your ear to the ground on this one.

Collin Michael Nunis said...

Divine Liturgy/Mass of the Melkite Catholic Church in the Byzantine Rite in English

Priest celebrant: Fr. Brian Kelty (Ukrainian Catholic Church)

Location: St. Joseph's Melkite Catholic Church, 40 Gillies St, Fairfield VIC 3078

Time: 6pm every Sunday

Attendance: Still growing. Currently attended by the youth, but also catering for young families.

Challenges: Most of our community have not warmed up to the idea of an English Liturgy, being used to the typical Arabic. Some have accused it of 'dividing families' as the Middle Eastern people are a very tight family unit, and this can be translated to as "going to church every Sunday TOGETHER".

We are also trying to learn certain how to sing certain minor parts of the Liturgy like the troparions in their proper tones, instead of merely reading it out.

Proud about: We have a good set of preachers from amongst the deacons, and we rotate amongst ourselves to preach every Sunday. We're also proud of our cantors, who are trying hard to retain Byzantine traditions through the singing of the Liturgy. We do sing the occasional hymn like "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent" at times, but we do it the Byzantine way - no musical instruments.

Contact person: Subdeacon Collin Nunis (0438643070 or

SPWang said...


he traditional latin Mass is celebrated every Sunday and Holy Days of Obligation at St. Patrick's Catholic Church Wangaratta.
Sunday Mass times are at 5pm while Holy Days of Obligation (in the traditional calendar) are at 5:30pm unless otherwise indicated.

Founded in 2006, Summorum Pontificum Wangaratta is a lay led organisation operating with the blessing of the Parish of St. Patrick's Wangaratta and the Sandhurst Diocese.
'SPWang' aims to provide the traditional liturgy of the Church to those who desire it under the provisions of Pope Benedict XVI's Motu Propio, Summorum Pontificum and the instructional document, Universae Ecclesiae. Please bookmark our website to keep in touch with the latest information.