Saturday, 1 September 2012

Spring has (allegedly) sprung!

It is officially the first day of spring, although here in Canberra one could have been forgiven for thinking we'd had an overnight snowfall so heavy was the frost (minus seven).

Yet the flowers and trees have apparently been counting the number of cold days, taking note of the shorter nights and/or allegedly warming soil and air temperatures, so there are daffs out and fruit trees blooming (let's hope that frost hasn't killed my potential apricot crop for this year!).

So here's a version of the flower carol to mark the season:

Spring has now unwrapped the flowers, day is fast reviving,

Life in all her growing powers towards the light is striving:
Gone the iron touch of cold, winter time and frost time,
Seedlings, working through the mould, now make up for lost time.

Herb and plant that, winter long, slumbered at their leisure,
Now bestirring, green and strong, find in growth their pleasure;
All the world with beauty fills, gold the green enhancing,
Flowers make glee among the hills, set the meadows dancing.

Through each wonder of fair days God Himself expresses;
Beauty follows all His ways, as the world He blesses:
So, as He renews the earth, Artist without rival,
In His grace of glad new birth we must seek revival.

Earth puts on her dress of glee; flowers and grasses hide her;
We go forth in charity—brothers all beside her;
For, as man this glory sees in th’awakening season,
Reason learns the heart’s decrees, hearts are led by reason.

Praise the Maker, all ye saints; He with glory girt you,
He Who skies and meadows paints fashioned all your virtue;
Praise Him, seers, heroes, kings, heralds of perfection;
Brothers, praise Him, for He brings all to resurrection!


A Canberra Observer said...

thanks for this lovely carol - very uplifting.

And a full moon to go with the first day too!

Maureen said...

I hope it's a bit warmer when I have to go down there at the end of October....

Joshua said...

The weather here in Tasmania has also finally warmed up - though paradoxically the recent snowfalls on the high country has also opened the skiing season on Ben Lomond (they almost closed the highway to Hobart last weekend).

If you have a taste for apocalyptic, meanwhile (yet don't believe in conspiracy theories), do take a look at the still-declining Arctic sea ice, already at the lowest level ever recorded...

Antonia Romanesca said...

Thanks so much for this beautiful article, Kate!