Sunday, 7 October 2012

Praying for priests

As it is the first Sunday in October, I thought it might be timely to republish the priests to especially pray for list.

We all have a duty to pray for our priests and bishops, whose special vocation makes them in need of our prayers always, particularly in these difficult times.  Accordingly, this is just a prompt to do so, as well as hopefully focusing our attention on some of those particularly in need of or deserving of prayers one way or another (note: this is not intended to be a list of those who say or have said the EF, although it includes many who have or do).

Some special intentions:
  • the FSSP and its work, given that Fr Berg, the FSSP's Superior-General is currently visiting Australia;
  • all priests who say the EF, and seminarians who wish to do so, especially those who have been persecuted for doing it;
  • all priests committed to the 'reform of the reform' and making the best of the Ordinary Form;
  • those preparing to be ordained for the Ordinariate in Brisbane on October 18;
  • for good, strong and holy bishops for the dioceses of Canberra-Goulburn, Hobart, Rockhampton and St Maron of Sydney (all either vacant or with bishops over or near the age limit); and
  • a resolution soon, for the Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes.
If you think there is anyone particularly deserving of support, particularly for their good works in relation to the liturgy, or otherwise in need of prayers, feel free to email me. 

I'm also collecting up names for an obit list for November, so please do send me any names I may not have...



Archbishop Mark Coleridge – 19 June 2002
Bishop Joseph Oudeman - priest 29 June 1966; bishop 11 February 2003
Fr Gregory Jordan SJ – Brisbane
Fr Stephen Hartley
Fr Peter Zytka OSPPE
Fr Adrian Sharp (Canada based)


Fr Michael McCaffrey FSSP - 24 June 2006
Fr David Thoroughgood - 20 March 1982,
Fr Mannes Tellis OP - 20 December 2008
Fr Christopher Dowd OP – 30 July 1988
Fr Adrian Wee FSSP
Fr John Fleming



Cardinal George Pell – 21 May 1987 (episcopal consecration)
Bishop Julian Porteous - priest 7/9/74; bishop 3/9/2003
Fr Lawrence Gresser FSSP - 4 March 2000
Fr James McCarthy - 30 April 2009
Fr Andrew Benton - 30 April 2009
Father Terence Mary Naughtin OFM Conv - 7 May 1988 (*currently living in Yarrawonga, Victoria with permission)
Fr Duncan Wong FSSP – 7 June
Fr Kevin Muldoon
Fr Paul Rouse OP
Fr Peter Joseph
Fr John Flynn


Fr Marko Rehak FSSP - 22 November 2008
Fr John O'Neill
Fr Terance Hogan
Fr William Define FSSP
Fr. John Rizzo, FSSP, 19 May 1985
Fr Andrew Bass


Fr John Stork

Wagga Wagga

Fr Kim Holland - 25 September 1992
Mgr William Fulton
Fr Joel Wallace
Fr Thomas Brancik

Broken Bay

Fr William Alliprandi


Fr Paul Simmons


Bp Geoffrey Jarrett - 22 February 2001
Fr Nicolas Maurice


Bishop Michael Kennedy (priest 14 August 1999; bishop 9 February 2012)



Archbishop Hart
Bishop Peter Eliot
Fr James Grant
Fr Neil Fryer
Fr Christopher Seton
Fr Ramsay Williams
Fr Peter Grasby
Fr Paschal M Corby OFM Conv – 17 November 2007


Fr Peter-John Nievandt - 1 July 2005
Fr Chris Reay - 19 August
Fr Leo Hynes - 28 June 1975
Fr Bernard McGrath - 17 August 1984
Fr Leo Lane - 27 July 1948


Bishop Christopher Prowse (priest 16.8.80/bishop 19/5/2003)
Fr Andrew Wise
Fr John Speekman


Fr Paul Bird (bishop-elect)
Fr John Corrigan - 16/9/2011
Fr Henry Nikel SVD


Archbishop Barry Hickey - 1 May 1984
Fr Harry Entwistle - 15 June 2012
Father Martin Roestenburg O Praem - 13 April 1991
Father Timothy Deeter - 8 May 1981
Father Patrick Holmes 27th May 1961
Father Michael Rowe - 21 May 1994
Father Georges Maurel - 29 June 1979
Father Jim Shelton - 30 June 2000 (now US based)
Father Brian Limbourne - 29th September 1989


Fr John Parsons - 3 April 1982
Fr Ken Webb FSSP - 22 May 2004 (now Canada-based)
Fr John Fongemie FSSP - 23rd June 2001 (now US-based)
Fr Dominic Popplewell FSSP - 22 Nov 2008
Fr Paul McGavin
Fr Julian Wellspring
Fr Kevin Brannelly
Fr William Kennedy


Fr Gerald Quinn CP - 21 July, 1962


Fr Mark Withoos, Rome
Fr Hugh Sommerville-Knapman OSB Douai
Fr Alban Nunn OSB Ealing
Fr Anthony Denton, Rome
Fr Damonn Sypher FSSP
Fr Anthony Robbie - Rome 25 April 1998

And all other priests in need of our prayers...