Saturday, 15 September 2012

Mass in Melbourne...

I want to continue my series on the liturgy in Australia with a few comments today on Melbourne.

Eastern Rite

First, a reader, Sub- Deacon Nunis, provided some details of Divine Liturgy/Mass of the Melkite Catholic Church in the Byzantine Rite in English:

"Priest celebrant: Fr. Brian Kelty (Ukrainian Catholic Church)
Location: St. Joseph's Melkite Catholic Church, 40 Gillies St, Fairfield VIC 3078
Time: 6pm every Sunday

Attendance: Still growing. Currently attended by the youth, but also catering for young families.

Challenges: Most of our community have not warmed up to the idea of an English Liturgy, being used to the typical Arabic. Some have accused it of 'dividing families' as the Middle Eastern people are a very tight family unit, and this can be translated to as "going to church every Sunday TOGETHER".

We are also trying to learn certain how to sing certain minor parts of the Liturgy like the troparions in their proper tones, instead of merely reading it out.

Proud about: We have a good set of preachers from amongst the deacons, and we rotate amongst ourselves to preach every Sunday. We're also proud of our cantors, who are trying hard to retain Byzantine traditions through the singing of the Liturgy. We do sing the occasional hymn like "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent" at times, but we do it the Byzantine way - no musical instruments."

(You can find contact details in the Sunday post comment).

Ordinariate parish

Melbourne has also, of course, just ordained four priests for the Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross, opening up another excellent option for those desireth of good liturgy!

Traditional Latin Mass

Melbourne has of course long been a stronghold for the Traditional Mass in Australia, thanks to the stalwart efforts of men such as Frs James Opie, Gerard Diamond, John Walshe, Philip Astley, Ian Falconer and others.  And for this some of the credit goes to its successive Archbishops: a Pontifical Mass was first said (again) in the Cathedral in 1992, and became an annual tradition for a long while.

These days the official traditionalist (now also Novus Ordo) community there, led by its defectors from assorted traditionalist societies and religious orders, needs no publicity: it has a well oiled self-promotion machine.

Fortunately for those who run afoul of the personality issues at work there (which also seem, in my opinion, to to be a key cause of the disunity amongst traditionalist communities in Australia), there are a number of other EF Masses on offer in Melbourne (though the wikimissa listing could do with some updating by those in the know), including from some fairly surprising sources.

Reform of the reform

Melbourne also has a number of strong reform of the reform parishes, promoted by the Glorificamus Society amongst others.

And it is also of course the home of priest blogger Fr Nicolas Pearce as well as lay blogger (whom we should welcome back after a long break from posting) David Schutz.


Geoff said...

The EF community at Caulfield certainly has a divisive nature about it and I have no idea why. The number of people who 'run afoul' there is increasing week by week and for no real reason. All most people want is the old Mass, with little fanfare or politics, contribute where they can and go home to turn up next Sunday with their families and do it all over again. It really is that simple.

Caulfield makes the possible impossible and if you suggest something contrary to the megalomanic in charge, you're doomed, which isn't such a bad thing sometimes.

The biggest surprises are the easiest lessons.

This attitude is also turning many priests, who are interested in learning the old Mass in Melbourne, away from it. In my conversations with them most say they wish not to be associated with Caulfield because of this attitude.

It's sad and we must pray for a solution.

Pax - Geoff from Lake Bolac

Collin Michael Nunis said...

Hi Kate,

thank you for putting up the notice on the board.

Anyhow, as per the Eastern tradition, we don't usually address our clergy by their surname, as it usually the case in the Latin Church. You are free to refer to me, or any other Eastern Catholic priest that might come by your blog by their title and their first name. :)

On another note, there is also another up-and-coming Eastern Catholic parish which is worth a visit. It is:-

Parish: St. Nicholas Russian Catholic Church

Pastor: Rt. Rev. Archpriest Lawrence Cross (Melkite Catholic Eparchy)

Liturgy times: 10:30am in English and some Slavonic

What they should be proud of: Reverent, sacred, and heavenly worship done very properly. If there is such a thing, the Russian Rite is the "Extraordinary Form" of the Byzantine Rite (pun intended).

Challenges: None that I can think of. They are a lovely bunch of people. I served there recently when the Papal Nuncio visited the parish for Divine Liturgy.


Subdeacon Collin

darryn said...


You make two claims in your article

1/ The clergy in Melbourne are "defectors".

2/ The Melbourne clergy and community are a "key" factor in what you see as "disunity" in the TLM centres around Australia

Can you please provide some solid evidence to back up both claims?

I trust these are entirely fair and reasonable questions to your article.

Many thanks,

Chris R said...

I wanted to second Subdeacon Collins's comment about the Russuian Catholic community in Melbourne. Their liturgy is very beautiful.

Their Church is located at 72 Hotham St St Kilda East (a short walk from the Balaclava Train station. The number 16 tram stops nearby too).

On the last Sunday of each month their liturgy is mainly in English (with some Slavonic). The other Sundays the service is mainly in Slavonic (with some English)- booklets with an english translation of the liturgical text are avaliable.

Service time is 10.30 am.

Chris R

Kate Edwards said...

First, on the 'claims' that have been raised with me (one in a comment I’ve rejected for other reasons and the poster has seen fit not to resubmit an amended version).

EF and OF? I stated that the Melbourne priests also offer the Novus Ordo. My statement was based on an announcement about a Saturday OF Vigil Mass to be offered by the priests there (you can find it online at Indeed, a subsequent post on Sentire Cum Ecclesia describes one of those masses. I assume that it is still being offered? And in any case, this was not a criticism!

‘Defectors’. This was a bit of journalistic colour rather than a 'claim' as such. But I do subscribe to that old-fashioned - not to say traditionalist notion - that joining a religious order or Society of Apostolic Life is like marriage, a life-long commitment. Once you have made public profession or been definitively incorporated into a Society that is it. Leaving requires a formal procedure. Modern canon law does permit it, and of course there are always exceptional circumstances that can justify it, but my view is that of St Benedict’s Rule, chapter 58, and many, many commentators on the subject until the modern revolution in the Church. I realize others, even many calling themselves traditionalists, take a different view, but that’s mine. And I think Cardinal Burke's recent comments on modern abuses of canon law lend some support to my view.

On the demand that I give examples, I don't think that would be a productive exercize at this point. There are proper places for that to occur, and a public blog is not necessarily it.

Finally, a couple of people have submitted comments on whether I should have made this post, taken the tone I have, and/or on my comment acceptance/rejection policies. If you want to debate my general approach to those issues, the appropriate place is one my posts on that topic. If you wish to provide evidence that you feel contradicts the opinions stated here that is one thing. But as I've indicated to those who have contacted me offline, I'm not going to debate my editorial prudential judgments on this in public.

By way of a more general response to the kinds of issues that have arisen in the context of this post, as well as many other past posts, I’ve been criticized by some for, I’ll have a blog post up for you shortly.

Anonymous said...

Geoff, my husband & I were sometime parishioners at Caulfield and are now among the ever increasing "casualty list" of folk who have fallen foul of the leadership there. We feel though, that no matter how onerous we found the burden of the fellow in question, we would like to aknowledge the fine qualities and genuine care of Fathers McDaniels and Marshall. We will always have a place for them in our hearts, and hope that God will give them grace for the cure of souls in that parish. Blessings in our Lord. Beryll. Weelabaraback.

Anonymous said...

Darryn, it seems to me that there is a great reluctance to accept the observations of the community of disgruntled former parishioners of Caulfield, their gripes, their hurts, and importantly, their insights as to how change might actually be necessary and obligatory. I wonder how long this attitude can continue to be persuasive? The list of dissent grows ever longer it seems. People have a right to express the Truth, especially with regard to Church communities, clerics and the oft accompanying situations that could be harmful to certain individuals. Take the medicine I say. Forwarned is fore armed. Beryl. Wheelabaraback.

darryn said...

In answer to your post, I do not know your situation so can't comment on it. I was only looking for some factual evidence to support the claims made in the post. I always believe these things are best discussed privately, so if you contact me at my e-mail address (just click on my name in my post and select "e-mail")
I'm happy to discuss it further. Regards, Darryn

Kate Edwards said...

On another point, I am informed that the OF Mass 'Reform of the Reform' Mass at Caulfield and associated website announced with so much fanfare in places like New Liturgical Movement has in fact been discontinued (I presume for lack of interest).

Kate Edwards said...

Darryn - I've allowed you post since it is simply an invitation which Beryl is free to decline.

But I am going to add a probably unnecessary editorial comment.

I'd strongly advise her (or anyone else) not to respond!

You haven't indicated Darryn, any reason for us to think that you have any particular standing to respond on behalf of the Newman community.

And if Beryl and others want to make formal complaints, there are proper channels for that; random people on the internet have not entitlement to know more details of a particular case.

And I would draw everyone's attention to the dangers of giving your email address to people you do not know (or may in fact know all too well!). One of the problems with the internet is that people can construct identities for themselves, calling themselves one name when they are in fact someone else.

And once they have your email address, they can besiege you with their interesting views...