Sunday, 16 September 2012

Is this the way the (Western) world ends? Islamic protests in Sydney

Source: James Brickwood, SMH
Around the world, embassies are being attacked, people are being killed and riots are occurring.

And there was a huge, violent demonstration in Sydney yesterday staged by militant Islamic forces who, according to police came intent on doing damage. 

It started with no advance warning, apparently using text messages to rally the troops.

Around 400 people rallied to the call to 'defend the prophet'.

They took over the central business district at lunchtime, and kept it going for over five hours.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald:

"NSW Police used batons, capsicum spray and the dog squad to quell the angry crowd, who carried signs such as ''Behead all those who insult the prophet'', ''Obama, we love Osama'' and ''Our dead are in paradise, your dead are in hell''."

...The Sydney protest went in waves of calm, from prayer to rants about Christians lacking morals, then frenzied chanting and violent clashes with police. The Sun-Herald saw several arrests and seriously injured police and protesters. One protester being taken away by an ambulance spat at officers and chanted ''Allahu Akbar''.

And all for a film few of them had actually seen (though you can find trailers and extracts on youtube).

The film

I only watched a few seconds of the film trailer, but it does look pretty outrageously obnoxious.

And it is surprising that clips from it are still available on youtube.

But Muslims simply confirm perceptions of their inability to adapt to life in a Western country such as Australia, and about their faith, with actions of this kind.

Is it too late to prevent the fall of the West from the forces within?  Probably.  


JIm said...

Obviously the violent demonstrations are reprehensible, but I think that there is more than the film that is being protested here. It is a bit of the 'straw that breaks the camels back'.
American imperial-like behaviour and death dealing through nefarious methods such as drones that kill innocents, the continuing shame of Guantanamo Bay, as well as the never ending war in Afghanistan are all drivers in this hatred.
I'm not excusing the behaviour, but we do need to be aware of the wider context instead of dumbly asking: "Why do they hate us?"

Kate Edwards said...

Jim - No one is dumbly asking 'why do they hate us'! Nor do I think it can all be blamed on American imperialism.

And the fact is this film was theoffered excuse for the attacks, along with calls for the beheading of the people that made it!

I'm no defender of American behaviour in the Middle East - I don't think the Iraq invasion passed the just war test, neither are drone attacks that kill many civilians justified on any Christian code of war for example.

But the reality is the American actions are reactions to attacks on them and the West more generally.

And the wider context, as you put it, is Islamic ambitions for triumph of Islam everywhere.

Islam has always been an expansionist religion, demanding the submission of all to it.

What we are seeing now is nothing new, just a change in tactics.

A Canberra Observer said...

I am disturbed by what has happened on our streets.

I think you both have valid points.

I wonder if this will get conflated with the asylum seeker boat issue. I doubt any of these protesters came on boasts. By their ages I would bet many may have been born here. Rather than the asylum seeker issue for me it brings into question Australia's immigration policies. But that leads us to our Godless secular multiculturalism which blithely holds that everything can coexist in some fanstasy 'she'll be right mate' land. That has replaced a christian underpinning and the resultant religion-less (and one suspects history-less) Aussie urbanite is then at a loss to understand why muslims react this way.

That's another point I guess - christians for some many decades have taken the most egregious affronts to the dignity of Christ and the saints with timid equanimity so that now such insult is, sadly, unremarkable and unremarked.

And finally, probably completely subjectively, I am wary of this attribution to the USA of defender of the (christian) West. So much of their actions in global politics leave me wondering, like Jim, "just who do they think they are". That doesn't negate Kate's points about the nature of Islam - that at the end of the day it doesn't tolerate anything else.

Mark said...

Jim makes too many excuses, and simply indulges in the usual guilt industry that pervades certain headspaces of the West.

The reactions to this minor and fringe film by Islamic elements across the globe have in fact proved the point of the film: the violent intolerance of Islam.

So lets not go down the path of what America may or may not have done. The recent killings in Libya for example show that Jim's list of guilt is irrelevant. The fact is that Islam as an ideology cannot, and will not, co-exist with other ways of life it constructs as evil and anti-islamic, unless it is compelled to do so such as in Turkey and Indonesia.

The religious tone-deafness of secular multi-culturalism is unable to comprehend the hatred that one creed can contain.