Wednesday, 19 September 2012

EF Masses - the rest of Australia

Today something of a last round-up.

I've been alerted to a couple of extra masses of note.  And in the absence of any submissions from other communities, I'll simply include a list of the websites I know about.

Melbourne Russian Catholic

Several people have commented on Holy Trinity St. Nicholas Russian Catholic Church in Melbourne, led by Fr Lawrence Cross.

The Church celebrates The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom in Church Slavonic and English.   They have also been trying to have Great Vespers twice a month in English, and hope to start having Saturday All Night Vigil (Vespers and Matins) very soon.

They use as much as possible the ancient Znameny Chant, and are trying to reconnect to the Pre Niconian Typicon, used in medieval Russia, containing many ancient and beautiful traditions now lost in the modern Russian Church.

Griffith Summorum Pontificum

I'm told a group in Griffith is getting established - they have a facebook page, but I couldn't see any details of when the Mass is held and so forth.  If someone would like to fill us in...

Perth and WA

How is the Perth Latin Mass Community faring under the new regime in the West? 

As I flagged in a previous post, Archbishop Hickey, adopted a 'Let a thousand flowers bloom' policy, and was willing to take risks and be innovative.  But I gather things are being tightened up under his successor, Archbishop Costelloe...


Sydney's main Latin Mass community, Maternal Heart of Mary is run by the FSSP.  The community suffered a terrible blow with the serious accident of Fr Gresser, who has now left Sydney in order to recover.

The Fraternity also has an apostolate in the neighbouring Parramatta diocese, which you can read about at Mulgoa Latin Mass.

There are, I'm led to believe, other places where the TLM is said in Sydney, but when I last put out a call, no one claimed to be Reform of the Reform...

 Other regional mass communities include...

Bendigo has an Extraordinary Form Mass each Sunday at 11am, St Francis Xavier Church, Strickland Rd, East Bendigo.
Wagga Wagga Latin Mass

Hobart Latin Mass


Rumsey said...

Maternal Heart is in the process of obtaining a new chaplain at the moment to assist Fr Wong.


Aphrahat said...

The Maternal Heart community is becoming to some extent a victim of its own success. It has outgrown its current small chapel and most Sunday Masses and all major feasts see the Church packed in excess of its capacity.

God willing, we'll get the use of bigger Church, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it.

Gianni Cocilova said...

You bet Griffith has the Latin Mass :D at the moment it's every 8 weeks till we train and get A few other things together- we are aiming weekly ;D

Our first mass had 40 attend and is expected to grow please God :D

It's at the sacred heart parish Griffith in the Riverina region.

Anonymous said...

Every Sunday in Ballarat there is a TLM said by Fr Henry Nikel SVD at 12:30pm. There is Rosary and Confession from 12 noon.
This is at St Columba's Church on the corner of Lydiard & Gregory Street North, Ballarat North.

It seems to be word of mouth is about the only way to know of this TLM. There is nothing on the Ballarat diocesan website or in St Columba's Parish weekly bulletin.

Arabella (D.N.)

cathy said...

Please note the above website for Bendigo Latin Mass is out of date.

We now have a EOFM Mass said under the auspices of the Diocese of Sandhurst, every Sunday at St Francis Xavier Church,
Strickland Rd, East Bendigo. The Mass time has changed to 11am in the last year since Fr Neivandt has been saying it.