Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Cardinal Marini: Not really dissing the Church?

There have been headlines around the world over the last week over the interview released after his death by Cardinal Marini, a leading liberal, which appeared to attack the Church he has been so long a part of.

But the Catholic Herald today gives the story a more positive spin, under the headline "Don't believe what you've read about Cardinal Marini's last interview'.

In it Fr Lucie-Smith doesn't dispute the headline grabbing words about the Church being two hundred years out of date, and addicted to excessive pomp and circumstance.  But he points out that the nub of the late Cardinal's comments do go to real issues that do need to be addressed:

"The cardinal starts off by lamenting the fact that churches and religious houses are empty. Well, we are all agreed on that – no one agrees more than Benedict XVI. This is not a good state of affairs. The cardinal then goes on to suggest three things that need to be done, and here too there is nothing particularly exceptional in what he has to say: we need to reform our sexual teaching, return to the Bible and return to the sacraments. The first of these may seem radical, but there is general agreement on this too. The sexual teaching of the Church is not getting across to the faithful, let alone to the population at large. It needs reform; but please let us remember that reform is not to be confused with abolition. Reform means a return to the roots, a reformulation of the eternal verities in a new and compelling way."

He goes on to attempt to give his various remarks an orthodox interpretation.

Well, it's possible of course.

That's the problem with a post-mortem interview release, we'll never know...

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Maureen said...

My daughter, here in Brisbane, had to complete her teacher Registration last month by writing a paper which co-related every single element in every single lesson to Aboriginal culture - to "make it relevant".
She wrote the required paper but it made ME very angry.

And just an aside: it's getting harder and harder to verify all those blurry letters and numbers in order to be able to comment on blogs.